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Icestorm sidelines Randul the Dwarf

Posted in General with tags , , on January 30, 2009 by Randul the Dwarf

A pretty bad snow and ice storm rolled through my “neck of the woods” as Al Roker likes to say.  Wednesday my power went out.  It is now Friday, and I am still without power.

My house (all electric) is a brisk 35 degrees.  I’ve been staying at the in-laws and probably needless to say, I haven’t been in WOW.  This was going to be the week of Heroic gearing for the wife & I, turns out it’s the week of Rummy.  (The card game, not the drink)

Apparently our neighbor called the wife and told her the lights flickered on “for a second”, so that must mean they are working on it right?!?!

Let’s hope so.

For now, go check out a good topic about raid consumables on Omenscourge’s Death Knight blog.  Pretty much everything he says applies to Warriors as well.

Next topic…Nax if we have power by Sunday.


Skipping the small stuff

Posted in Tanking with tags , , , , , on January 28, 2009 by Randul the Dwarf

In my “Bad tanks hurt my soul” post, I said my wife and I would be pugging regular Halls of Lightning to see how I would stack up against the horrible Protection Pally my DK ran with.

Well, plans change.  I essentially skipped all the level 80 instances and jumped right into Heroic Utgarde Keep.   Here are my thoughts…

As someone who only tanked the easiest BC Heroic and only did that twice, Heroics of any difficulty are an adjustment for me.  I’m not used to having to do things like use Demoralizing Shout just to survive and Thunderclapping even when it’s just one mob to slow his attacks down.

Thus far, those skills have been aoe aggro builders for me, not survival abilities.  We pulled the first 2 mobs fine.  All of us were alive, they were dead at the end of the fight.

The second pull we pulled 3.  I wasn’t using my survivability skills and my wife waited too long to start healing.  End result: wipe.

That’s the bad news.  The good news is, we figured out what we needed to do and did it.  The only wipes after this point were 1. when the ret pally tried to pull with repentence and got smashed immediately and 2. on the first boss when we tried to do it without breaking the ice blocks.

The other two bosses dropped like nobody’s business.

I got a tanking sword and an epic crossbow for my dps set.

Overall, it was a good night.  After the upgrade, some gemming, and a leg enchant I’ve gotten myself to 25k HP, 22k Ar, 549 Def, 18% dodge, 16% parry, 16% block.

Next up, probably Nexus.

Bad tanks hurt my soul

Posted in Tanking with tags , , , , , on January 26, 2009 by Randul the Dwarf

It’s just a fact of life.  Some people just aren’t very good at certain things.  This little story revolves around my Death Knight Kered.  He’s level 78, Unholy DPS specced at the moment.  Every time my wife isnt’ on, I’m on Kered.  Lately I’ve been in Howling Fjord leveling my 2-handed mace skill, cause I’m gonna get a nice purple 2-hander as soon as I hit 80.

So when I’m leveling I’ll usually pop into LFG trying to get into whatever instance I’m looking for.  I was hanging out in LFG Drak’Tharon when I see “LF1M DPS HoL” in LFG Chat.  I don’t even know for certain what level instance this is, but I think it’s 80.  I msg them and they invite me and it’s all good.

Here’s the group:

79 Prot Pally, 79 Resto Druid, 79 Boomkin, 80 Subtlety Rogue and lil ol’ me.

The first thing I do is come to terms with the fact that my dps isn’t gonna rock the charts like it usually does, but I’m cool with that.  I’m out-leveled and out-geared.   (Side note:  I topped the charts)

Bottom line, the Prot Pally wasn’t up to the task.  I ended up tanking A LOT, and I was in my dps gear as a dps spec.  Typical boss fight was the Pally pulling, establishing aggro, dying, me picking up aggro and tanking till the boss dropped.

At first I was chalking this up to gear.  I asked the guy what his Defense was and he said 523, so he was getting critted.  Having said that, I was tanking after he died with no defense other than my base skill.  So honestly, I have no clue what the problem was.

We wiped twice on the first boss before I decided to offtank the adds and we downed him.

Tank dies on the second boss and I finally end up dying just before the boss dies.

Tank dies on third boss, I tank the boss till he dies.

No one died on Loken, but I was very sad to see the Defense trinket go to a crappy tank.  I should have rolled, but I still follow the he tanks, he gets the tank trinket philosophy.

Moral of the story, good tanks are valuable.  I plan on 1/2 pugging this very instance with my wife healing me this week.  I’ll be back with a report on how well I do.

I’m back…and 80!

Posted in Warrior with tags , , , , on January 26, 2009 by Randul the Dwarf

I am 80.

I am a Protection Warrior.

I am ready to roll.

The wife and I both hit 80 last Friday.  It was a pretty momentous occasion following a pretty momentous evening of playing.  I believe we started at 6:30 and dinged 80 at 10:30.  That’s a pretty heavy evening of playtime for us, especially since the baby is making her extremely uncomfortable.

Saturday came and went with very little playing.  Sunday was the same, for me.  For the wife, not so much.  While I was away at an Ohio State Basketball game (loss to Michigan State), Beatris was in her first level appropriate raid.  I am very excited for her.  She was the third healer for a 10-man nax run.  She got two upgrades, a trinket and an offhand.  She said it wasn’t the best experience, but then she was in there with 2 other guildies and the rest were pug.

When I got home from the game, it was too late to do any raiding, but I did go ahead and craft myself the Tempered Titansteel Treads and Headpiece.

I’m sitting at 538 Def (but I’m at 398 Def skill, so as soon as I get those 2 points I’m money), 21k HP & 20k AR.  17% Dodge, 15% Block & 15% Parry.

I do believe I’m ready to rock some Heroics and get ready for Nax.

Heroics are this week during the week, Nax is weekend.


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As my previous post stated, I was so close to 80 I could taste it, then I was blocked.

My new video card arrived, a GeForce 9500GT 512 MB card. I put it in the computer, and everything starts going south at that point.

No Video Input.  Fine, I can deal with that.  I take the new card out and put my old card back in.  No Video Input.

Great.  It’s in the (hopefully)  capable hands of my bank’s IT department as we speak.  Hopefully they can get me up and running.  I can still hit 80 this weekend with 7 bubbles tonight and 7 bubbles tomorrow.

Wish me luck.

So close I can taste it…

Posted in Warrior with tags , , , on January 21, 2009 by Randul the Dwarf

So…Randul dinged 79 on Monday. My plan was to get 7 bubbles on Tuesday, 7 bubbles on Thursday and 6 bubbles on Friday. Unfortunately, that didn’t quite happen.

Pregnant wives make for short WOW sessions. I managed to get just under 5 bubbles on Tuesday, so that puts me 2 bubbles behind.

That’s the bad news. Here’s the good news. My gear is looking pretty solid, even at level 79. I currently have 540 defense, 18k HP and around 19k AR. I realize my HP & AR are a little low, but I still have some crafted items waiting for me.

I have a Titansteel Shield Wall, a Tempered Titansteel Helm and Tempered Titansteel Treads in the bank. The shield will replace the Riot Shield nicely I think. Losing some block, but getting more stamina and armor in return, not to mention the defense which will help me switch some other pieces around to get more stam & ar. The treads & helm are just plain upgrades over the tempered saronite gear I am currently wearing.

Pretty sure my avoidance is good. I think I’m looking at around 35% between dodge & parry. I haven’t enchanted any of my gear, nor have I put sockets on any of them using my blacksmithing. (I have 3 I can socket so far, but without BS you only have the Eternal Belt Buckle)

So speaking from experience, 540 defense is not hard for a warrior. Here’s what you need: TheTempered Saronite blacksmithed items with the two Daunting blacksmithed items thrown in if you can manage it, a couple defense rings like the Ring of Misinterpreted Gestures from the Fortunate Misunderstandings quest in Sholazar and Kurzel’s Warband from the Search and Rescue Drak’Tharon Keep quest. You’ll want a couple of trinkets from BC. I have Dabiri’s Enigma, which is from a questline in Netherstorm and the Adamantite Figurine, which drops off the Ogre boss in Shadow Labyrinth. Don’t forget an amulet like Blood-Infused Pendant from the Heroes Burden quest in Sholazar Basin.

Of course you are going to want a shield like the Heroe’s Burden I menioned above and a weapon. A good tanking weapon can be obtained from the Ragemane’s Flipper quest out of Lights Breach in Zul’Drak. With that 3-person quest, you can get either a druid staff, a slow axe, a fast mace or a fast sword. I chose the mace until I got my Fang of Truth from Wyrmrest rep. It’s not specifically a tanking weapon, but I don’t need anymore defense and I thought I’d throw it on there.

The only drops I had to use to get my defense in order was the Riot Shield (which can be replaced with a shield from questing in Grizzly Hills) and the Adamantine Figurine. If you haven’t already got that one, it might be hard to get people to go in there with you, but at 80 you can possibly solo Slabs, definately duo it.

Going this route, you are going to be lacking in HP, AR, & hit, so it’s not a perfect situation. However, it will allow you to get to the crit immunity through defense with a minimum of trouble.

*edit*  When I put all this stuff back on after dinging 80 I came short of the 540 Defense cap.  Not sure if some of my gear changed with the patch to make it not add up or somehow being 80 created some sort of diminishing return, but the same gear that had me 540 Defense at 79 did not do the job at 80.  Time to go to work.

A whole new world…

Posted in About Me on January 16, 2009 by Randul the Dwarf

a whole new exciting point of view!  No, not really.  It’s the same point of view, I’m just seeing it around different people in a different place.

I said goodbye to Undermine and transferred to Malygos.  Unfortunately, the name Randal was taken there (by some lowbie who doesn’t even register on the Armory) so I changed his name to Randul.  It kind of makes me think of LotR, the bridge of khazad dun.  Ran-dul.  Whatever, it’s me justifying a poor spelling.

The wife and I were pretty lazy about the first 5 levels, but now we are really burning through the last 5.  We will be 78 tonight, 79 by Sunday (hopefully) and 80 by Thursday or Friday.

Then we are going on a Heroic binge with the rest of the guild and getting into 10-mans.

Speaking of the guild, they are a pretty cool crew.  It’s the guild Dinner Goat on Malygos.  One of the co-gms (I think there are 3) has been playing online games with me off and on since 99.  We started in Ultima Online together, so we go way back.  We’ve got 7 regulars who will be of raiding level (when the wife and I get our butts to 80) and 1 more who is coming up.

I think it’s gonna be a good thing.

Next time, talking about gearing up mid-70’s for tanking.