A whole new world…

a whole new exciting point of view!  No, not really.  It’s the same point of view, I’m just seeing it around different people in a different place.

I said goodbye to Undermine and transferred to Malygos.  Unfortunately, the name Randal was taken there (by some lowbie who doesn’t even register on the Armory) so I changed his name to Randul.  It kind of makes me think of LotR, the bridge of khazad dun.  Ran-dul.  Whatever, it’s me justifying a poor spelling.

The wife and I were pretty lazy about the first 5 levels, but now we are really burning through the last 5.  We will be 78 tonight, 79 by Sunday (hopefully) and 80 by Thursday or Friday.

Then we are going on a Heroic binge with the rest of the guild and getting into 10-mans.

Speaking of the guild, they are a pretty cool crew.  It’s the guild Dinner Goat on Malygos.  One of the co-gms (I think there are 3) has been playing online games with me off and on since 99.  We started in Ultima Online together, so we go way back.  We’ve got 7 regulars who will be of raiding level (when the wife and I get our butts to 80) and 1 more who is coming up.

I think it’s gonna be a good thing.

Next time, talking about gearing up mid-70’s for tanking.


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