So close I can taste it…

So…Randul dinged 79 on Monday. My plan was to get 7 bubbles on Tuesday, 7 bubbles on Thursday and 6 bubbles on Friday. Unfortunately, that didn’t quite happen.

Pregnant wives make for short WOW sessions. I managed to get just under 5 bubbles on Tuesday, so that puts me 2 bubbles behind.

That’s the bad news. Here’s the good news. My gear is looking pretty solid, even at level 79. I currently have 540 defense, 18k HP and around 19k AR. I realize my HP & AR are a little low, but I still have some crafted items waiting for me.

I have a Titansteel Shield Wall, a Tempered Titansteel Helm and Tempered Titansteel Treads in the bank. The shield will replace the Riot Shield nicely I think. Losing some block, but getting more stamina and armor in return, not to mention the defense which will help me switch some other pieces around to get more stam & ar. The treads & helm are just plain upgrades over the tempered saronite gear I am currently wearing.

Pretty sure my avoidance is good. I think I’m looking at around 35% between dodge & parry. I haven’t enchanted any of my gear, nor have I put sockets on any of them using my blacksmithing. (I have 3 I can socket so far, but without BS you only have the Eternal Belt Buckle)

So speaking from experience, 540 defense is not hard for a warrior. Here’s what you need: TheTempered Saronite blacksmithed items with the two Daunting blacksmithed items thrown in if you can manage it, a couple defense rings like the Ring of Misinterpreted Gestures from the Fortunate Misunderstandings quest in Sholazar and Kurzel’s Warband from the Search and Rescue Drak’Tharon Keep quest. You’ll want a couple of trinkets from BC. I have Dabiri’s Enigma, which is from a questline in Netherstorm and the Adamantite Figurine, which drops off the Ogre boss in Shadow Labyrinth. Don’t forget an amulet like Blood-Infused Pendant from the Heroes Burden quest in Sholazar Basin.

Of course you are going to want a shield like the Heroe’s Burden I menioned above and a weapon. A good tanking weapon can be obtained from the Ragemane’s Flipper quest out of Lights Breach in Zul’Drak. With that 3-person quest, you can get either a druid staff, a slow axe, a fast mace or a fast sword. I chose the mace until I got my Fang of Truth from Wyrmrest rep. It’s not specifically a tanking weapon, but I don’t need anymore defense and I thought I’d throw it on there.

The only drops I had to use to get my defense in order was the Riot Shield (which can be replaced with a shield from questing in Grizzly Hills) and the Adamantine Figurine. If you haven’t already got that one, it might be hard to get people to go in there with you, but at 80 you can possibly solo Slabs, definately duo it.

Going this route, you are going to be lacking in HP, AR, & hit, so it’s not a perfect situation. However, it will allow you to get to the crit immunity through defense with a minimum of trouble.

*edit*  When I put all this stuff back on after dinging 80 I came short of the 540 Defense cap.  Not sure if some of my gear changed with the patch to make it not add up or somehow being 80 created some sort of diminishing return, but the same gear that had me 540 Defense at 79 did not do the job at 80.  Time to go to work.


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