Bad tanks hurt my soul

It’s just a fact of life.  Some people just aren’t very good at certain things.  This little story revolves around my Death Knight Kered.  He’s level 78, Unholy DPS specced at the moment.  Every time my wife isnt’ on, I’m on Kered.  Lately I’ve been in Howling Fjord leveling my 2-handed mace skill, cause I’m gonna get a nice purple 2-hander as soon as I hit 80.

So when I’m leveling I’ll usually pop into LFG trying to get into whatever instance I’m looking for.  I was hanging out in LFG Drak’Tharon when I see “LF1M DPS HoL” in LFG Chat.  I don’t even know for certain what level instance this is, but I think it’s 80.  I msg them and they invite me and it’s all good.

Here’s the group:

79 Prot Pally, 79 Resto Druid, 79 Boomkin, 80 Subtlety Rogue and lil ol’ me.

The first thing I do is come to terms with the fact that my dps isn’t gonna rock the charts like it usually does, but I’m cool with that.  I’m out-leveled and out-geared.   (Side note:  I topped the charts)

Bottom line, the Prot Pally wasn’t up to the task.  I ended up tanking A LOT, and I was in my dps gear as a dps spec.  Typical boss fight was the Pally pulling, establishing aggro, dying, me picking up aggro and tanking till the boss dropped.

At first I was chalking this up to gear.  I asked the guy what his Defense was and he said 523, so he was getting critted.  Having said that, I was tanking after he died with no defense other than my base skill.  So honestly, I have no clue what the problem was.

We wiped twice on the first boss before I decided to offtank the adds and we downed him.

Tank dies on the second boss and I finally end up dying just before the boss dies.

Tank dies on third boss, I tank the boss till he dies.

No one died on Loken, but I was very sad to see the Defense trinket go to a crappy tank.  I should have rolled, but I still follow the he tanks, he gets the tank trinket philosophy.

Moral of the story, good tanks are valuable.  I plan on 1/2 pugging this very instance with my wife healing me this week.  I’ll be back with a report on how well I do.


One Response to “Bad tanks hurt my soul”

  1. I’ve experienced the same thing. I have been in a group with tanks who either did not understand the role (rarely, if ever, pulled mobs off casters who drew too much aggro), or were somehow unable to stay alive long enough to survive boss fights (or regular fights, during my first couple runs in Nexus).

    The worst thing is, when you KNOW it’s the tanks fault, and he or his real-life friend in the group keep blaming other people for group wipes.

    Anyway, I feel your pain.

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