I’m back…and 80!

I am 80.

I am a Protection Warrior.

I am ready to roll.

The wife and I both hit 80 last Friday.  It was a pretty momentous occasion following a pretty momentous evening of playing.  I believe we started at 6:30 and dinged 80 at 10:30.  That’s a pretty heavy evening of playtime for us, especially since the baby is making her extremely uncomfortable.

Saturday came and went with very little playing.  Sunday was the same, for me.  For the wife, not so much.  While I was away at an Ohio State Basketball game (loss to Michigan State), Beatris was in her first level appropriate raid.  I am very excited for her.  She was the third healer for a 10-man nax run.  She got two upgrades, a trinket and an offhand.  She said it wasn’t the best experience, but then she was in there with 2 other guildies and the rest were pug.

When I got home from the game, it was too late to do any raiding, but I did go ahead and craft myself the Tempered Titansteel Treads and Headpiece.

I’m sitting at 538 Def (but I’m at 398 Def skill, so as soon as I get those 2 points I’m money), 21k HP & 20k AR.  17% Dodge, 15% Block & 15% Parry.

I do believe I’m ready to rock some Heroics and get ready for Nax.

Heroics are this week during the week, Nax is weekend.


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