Icestorm sidelines Randul the Dwarf

A pretty bad snow and ice storm rolled through my “neck of the woods” as Al Roker likes to say.  Wednesday my power went out.  It is now Friday, and I am still without power.

My house (all electric) is a brisk 35 degrees.  I’ve been staying at the in-laws and probably needless to say, I haven’t been in WOW.  This was going to be the week of Heroic gearing for the wife & I, turns out it’s the week of Rummy.  (The card game, not the drink)

Apparently our neighbor called the wife and told her the lights flickered on “for a second”, so that must mean they are working on it right?!?!

Let’s hope so.

For now, go check out a good topic about raid consumables on Omenscourge’s Death Knight blog.  Pretty much everything he says applies to Warriors as well.

Next topic…Nax if we have power by Sunday.


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