Raids, Heroics and even a Superbowl

This weekend was jam packed.

My power came back on Friday.  This is a very good thing.  We didn’t do much of anything on Randul & Beatris, but I still had power.  A very good thing indeed.

I did tank Old Kingdom on Kered (the Death Knight) for what seems like the four thousandth time, and dinged 79.

Saturday the fun started.  At 1 we started off in Obsidian Sanctum (10-man).  I offtanked.  I only screwed up royally once, and that’s when I tab-targeted Sartharion by mistake and taunted him off our MT.  No one died, but Sarth decided to face all of our dps, which was tense for a moment.  I moved and everything went hunky dory after that.

Loot:  None

After OS we decided to go into Nax-10.  We got to the first boss in the spider wing and, well, things just didn’t go well.  I’m fairly sure we could have done it, but we just didn’t succeed.

First wipe I was tanking adds and the MT (Pally) went the wrong way during the swarm and all you-know-what broke loose.  Second wipe, I was tanking Anub’Rekhan and the pally was picking up adds.  We did alright except that my healer was running with me and wasn’t able to keep me topped off for the burst at the end of the swarm.  Third and final wipe, the rogue pulled threat immediately and got jacked up, the pally tank disconnected and we had a dps kitty tanking adds.  Things actually went pretty well until he enraged.  Apparently losing 2 dps hurts when there is an enrage timer.

At that wipe we lost a couple folks and time was running short, so we decided to go to VoA-10 instead.  Smooth sailing all the way.  Another oops taunt moment for me, I got a little eager and when I saw Archavon target one of our dps I taunted.  Apparently he hadn’t picked up the main tank, he was just doing some ability.  No biggie, I can apparently tank with no problem, cause I did until the MT got him back off of me.

Loot from VoA:  None

Sunday rolls around and we decided to do Heroic Halls of Lightning as a guild run.  It was pretty sweet actually.  We got the achievement for Volkhan & Loken.  They are pretty much speed achievements, but cool none-the-less.  We wiped once on Loken, not sure why…people not moving quick enough during the nova I guess, but we got him on the second try.

Loot from Heroic HoL: Iron Dwarf Smith Pauldrons

The last thing Beatris & I did this weekend was half-pug Regular Utgarde Pinnacle.  We had a level 77 Hunter from our guild and pugged a Fury Warrior and another Hunter, both of which were 79.

I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect.  I figured Bea and I would be okay, but the low level of our DPS concerned me.  I knew our hunter was a great player, but he was 3 levels below the instance.  The other two were…well to be honest they weren’t what I’d have hoped.

The hunter ran out of ammo after the second-to-last boss.  He meleed the rest of the run.  The fury warrior refused to follow the kill order, plus he knew everything there was to know about everyone else’s class.  A joy to be around, for sure.

We were, however, successful.  It was pretty much the uber tank run.  Svala dropped Svala’s Bloodied Shackles, which was an upgrade.  Gortok dropped Reanimated Armor, which was an upgrade.

Now at this point, I made a huge mistake.  The Fury Warrior has been whining since the shackles dropped about how he was hoping to get this stuff and asked me if I was going for the Armor as well.  I said yes, at which point he reminded me that the Silver-Plated Battlechest was a quest reward.  I told him I knew that, but I was at 540 defense so I would be going for the Armor.

After the armor dropped and I looted it, I made the mistake I referred to earlier.  I said the words, “Okay, I won’t roll on anything else.”

Stupid, because Amulet of Deflected Blows dropped off of Skadi.  /sigh

Oh well, I’m only ten emblems of Heroism from the Chained Military Gorget, so I guess it’s not a huge deal. Ymiron dropped his blade, which I didn’t really care one way or the other about.

What did I learn about tanking this weekend?

1.  I CAN tank in a raid.  I figured I could before this, but now I know.

2.  Be careful when tab-targeting, especially when you follow it with a taunt.

3.  I’m going to have to adjust to sharing the load.  I’m used to getting everything on me and keeping it there.  Now I have to get 2 of the 4 mobs on me and let the other guy take the other two mobs.  An adjustment I think I’ll be able to make.

4.  As soon as the whiny fury warrior starts making trouble kick him to the curb, cause you’ll end up giving him your tanking necklace upgrade later if you don’t.


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