Dungeon Elderfest, 2009

Let me state this clearly. I, Randul the Dwarf, don’t seek out achievements. Achievements, however, seek me out. How? They have the perfect conduit for grabbing hold of me, my wife.

The wife is a bit of an achievement junkie. Sure, I like to see the little window pop up and make a fun noise, but I don’t really make an attempt to get them. Beatris ran all over creation attempting to get two achievements this past couple weeks.

She is going for Elder and Explorer. Explorer she has attained, this was accomplished mostly by running around getting all the elders in the world at large.

Now the hard part has come and I’ve been sucked into the fray. She needs the dungeon elders.

Yesterday we did the old world dungeons. We started in Ironforge, went to Blackrock Depths, Blackrock Spire, Stratholme, Sunken Temple, Maraudon and Zul’Farrak.

The BRD elder is right in the middle of the ring of law. You zone in and go straight into the big room with the dwarves with dogs. From here you go in a northerly direction to go directly into the ring of law. You’ll see the exclamation point before you get there. The event will start, but you can leave easily enough.

The Blackrock Spire elder is in LBRS. You go under the “overpass” when you first zone in and then hang a right at the second right. You go down some steps and hang a left. You follow this path until you cross a bridge and he’s on the other side of that bridge. Then you leave! Good times.

Strat is through the main entrance, down the main avenue and then take a left when you get to the point where you have to go left or right. Then go up and around. You are kind of making a crescent-shaped path once you start going left. You’ll have to fight some stuff to do him, but it’s all pretty easy.

The ST elder is left when you first zone in. You’ll go up some stairs and then take another left. She’ll be in an alcove to the left. Easy to spot, easy to get to. It’s really harder to find the entrance to the instance than it is to get to the elder.

After ST, we went to booty bay and headed to ratchet. From ratchet we flew to Maraudon and used the princess’ portal to get in. This takes you about halfway through the instance, just south of celebras. You basically make your way to the princess, jump into the water and take a ramp out of the water opposite the princess. Head right around the ramp and you’ll find the elder.

Finally, we headed south and got to Zul’farrak. This one is pretty easy as well. You enter the zone, and when you come to the option of left or right, you go left. Follow the path until you hit Gahz’s pool. The elder is there.

After a couple posts about Naxxramas, I’ll talk about our quest for the Northrend Dungeon Elders.


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