This weekend was a pretty solid weekend for the Dinner Goat crew.  Saturday, once again, started with a Vault of Archavon run and an Obsidian Sanctum (no drakes) run.

After getting those out of the way, we reshuffled our group a bit and headed to Nax.  This was my second time in Nax, so I was hopeful for getting some upgrades.

The previous week, we wiped a few times on the first boss and had to stop due to time constraints.  This week, we did MUCH better.

Anub’Rhekan, one shotted.  Our strategy was essentially have me tank Anub’Rhekan and have our Pally tank pick up adds.  Tank and spank till the locust swarm, at which point I did the slime run to the other end of the room.  No problem.

Faerlina was a two-shot.  The first wipe was because I took a huge damage spike when she enraged her second time.  I had already used my shield wall and apparently my shield block wasn’t enough.  I think the RNG got me on that one, cause the next attempt I never used my shield wall at all and we beat her with absolutely no trouble.  Our strategy was for me to tank Faerlina while the Pally tanked her buddies.  When she enraged we dropped one of the buddies.  No problem.

Maexxna was a one-shot.  No problem whatsoever.  Jamason (the Pally tank) main tanked her and I dps’d.  Our hunter & mage were responsible for web wraps and everything pretty much went peachy.

Onto the Military Quarter!

Razuvious was our last fight of the day.  He gave us some trouble, but I think it was mostly poor luck more than poor skill.  The first wipe, the mind control wore off just as it was that tank’s time to taunt.  Raz ran amock through the raid.  The second time, both mind controls wore off at a similar moment, Raz ran amock through the raid.  Finally we decided that the MT would take the first taunt, I would take the second taunt and after he taunted Raz off of me, I would release my guy and re-mind control him.  Worked like a charm.  Our mind controls didn’t break at the same time and the good guys won.

That was the end of our Saturday raid, as Beatris and I had to head off to church.

Tomorrow, I’ll talk about Round 2.


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