Naxxramas, Day 2

In my last post I talked about day 1 of our weekend Naxxramas run.  As promised, here is what happened on day 2.

We lost some folks from day one, so we had to pick up a few more pugs.  Our group composition was Prot Pally (MT), Prot Warrior (OT), Holy Priest x2, Resto Shaman, Shadow Priest, Death Knight x2, Feral Druid  & Warlock.

We had a fury warrior group up, but then saw our tanks’ HP and dropped group.  Apparently 26 & 27k HP unbuffed wasn’t enough for his idea of a good 10-man Nax run.  I will say this, any problems we had weren’t due to poor tank stats.

We finally get our group together and head in.

Gothic the Harvester, down in 3 attempts.

Our strategy was to seperate into 2 groups on each side.  The live side (easy side) consisted of me (Prot Warrior),  one of the Holy Priests, the Feral Druid and both Death Knights.  The dead side consisted of the Prot Pally, the other Holy Priest, the Resto Shaman, the Warlock & the Shadow Priest.

First attempt, our raid leader forgot to tell the live group to slow down dps and the dead group got overwhelmed.  Second attempt, the raid leader did tell us to slow down, but we still did too much damage and the dead side got overwhelmed.  Finally, we threw one of our Death Knights into the dead side giving them 6 players and our side 4.  Our side ALMOST got overwhelmed, but we managed and took down Gothic.

Next up, the Four Horsemen, down in 3 attempts.

We had some weird stuff happen on this fight.  In the first attempt two fresh tanks who hadn’t done the fight before both turned and ran from their targets during the switch.  This resulted in pwnage from behind, which wiped the raid.

In the second attempt, I was pulling Thane Korth’azz, while the Prot Pally was supposed to pull Rivendare.  I used Heroic Throw to pull, our Pally used Avenger’s Shield.  The problem arose when Avenger’s Shield missed.  Apparently, instead of causing threat on Rivendare, it scared the crap out of him, because he took off toward the back of the room, wiping the raid.

Finally, on the third attempt we took them out.  Our strategy was to put the main tank on Rivendare, the off tank on Korth’azz, a Holy Priest on one of the ones in the back and the druid on the other.  When we got to 3 stacks of the debuff they put on us, we would switch.  The MT & OT would switch and the Holy Priest & Druid would switch.  This occured repeatedly until people started dropping.

Next up, the Plague Quarter and Noth the Plaguebringer.  Noth was a piece of cake one-shot.  Our strategy, for my part, was pretty simple.  Tank the crap out of Noth and then help with adds when Noth teleported away.  Our Prot Pally was on add duty while Noth was in the mix.  This fight was actually so easy that we 8-manned it because one of our healers and one of our Death Knights got stuck outside the room.  There was probably more to the fight that healers, dpsers and debuffers had to worry about, but I’m a tank and I stick to what I need to know to do my tanking.

The last boss we attempted was Heigan the Unclean.  I’m sorry to say we did not down him.  We had had a long day with a few wipes, so we decided to call it after a couple attempts with Heigan.  I think we’ll be fine once we get used to where the slime comes up out of the ground.  Unfortunately, only a couple people had been there so there were a lot of errors in the fight.

I did manage to get Slayer of the Lifeless from Gothic.  It was quite an upgrade over the Infantry Assault Blade I had been using from Heroic Utgarde Keep.

My next post will either be about Northend Dungeon Elders, which we achieved for Beatris or my horrible experience healing a regular Halls of Stone run on my wife’s character.

I haven’t said this in previous posts, but I would really appreciate any comments people may have on my posts.  I know some people are viewing this stuff and I’d love to hear what you have to say.


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