Where are the healers?!?!

Two nights ago another tank friend of mine wanted to go into Regular Halls of Lightning to get the Defense trinket that Loken drops.

Being friendly and helpful, I decided to help him out on my Death Knight Kered.  Since the wife is already asleep at this point, we start spamming the looking for group channel, “LF Healer & 2 DPS Regular HoL, Daily”.

As you can imagine, we get two dps right off the bat.  Now it’s time for some suffering.  After about 15-20 minutes, we finally get a nibble from a level 74 Priest.  The tank is very well geared and I do some pretty decent dps, so we figured we could make it through with a low level healer.

Unfortunately, this is where we learn that you can’t summon a level 74 to with the Ulduar summoning stone.  It doesn’t appear he can make it there on foot either, so we regretfully inform him that we are going to have to look for someone else.

Finally, after about 10 more minutes we get a Restoration Shaman into the group.  We go in, we down the first boss (sparkly style) and the Shaman decides it’s time to go.


So we go back out and start spamming LFG again.  By this point, it’s getting late and we’ve been at this a long time with little progress, so I throw up my hands in disgust and tell them to find another DPS because I’ll be right back.

I logout and log onto Beatris, my wife’s Holy Priest.  I’ve never been on her character at all, nor do I have a priest character; so this I already have a bad feeling about this.

As it turns out, I can heal a raid geared tank with a raid geared priest in a regular level 80 instance.  I did die on Loken, but the tank managed to pull out the kill.

The whole experience was unpleasant, as I had to:

1)  Notice someone was needing a heal.

2) Use the mouse (arg) to find the button needed to heal that person.

3) Click the button.

4) Look back up in time to see someone else needed a heal.

5) Repeat.

Let’s just say this, if I had the keybinds memorized, I think I could handle playing a healer.  In fact, I kind of want to level my Shaman now to get in on the fun and have another option should it be needed.

That was two nights ago.  Last night was more of the same. I’m on Kered, hanging out in LFG for some Heroics.  I’m specifically wanting Heroic Halls of Lightning for the awesomesauce 2-handed Axe that drops off of Loken.  I’m also hoping to get a Frozen Orb out of the run.

So I get someone whisper me and I join their group.  We’ve got a Feral Druid, Prot Warrior & me on my Unholy DK.  The bring in a Fury Warrior to top off our DPS, now we just need to find the healer.  Again.

So we are all spamming the general chats we are in, plus LFG.  After about 15 – 20 minutes, I finally get a Priest to join our group.  We get past the first boss and to the room with all the elementals.  I’m not sure if the warrior didn’t know how to tank it or the DPS was throwing around too much AOE but we wipe on the elementals.

We go through some interesting moments trying to get everyone to the other side of the elementals alive with a few deaths for everyone in the process.  Finally everyone is over there and the Druid is ressing when the Priest “goes offline”.

Yeah, whatever, he was probably fed up and just logged off.  I don’t know what the deal was, but we decided to call it at that point because there are no healers to be found, and I wasn’t about to heal a heroic on my wife’s character.

So healers, come on out and play with us!  If you see Randul or Kered spamming for you, go out on a limb!  I’m a good player.

Also, if by some chance the Druid from last night’s run comes across this post, leave me a comment.  I forgot your name and want to add you to my friends list, you did a good job.

Last thing’s last, Beatris did manage to get her Elder title.  Go her!


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