Icebane Chestguard, Ghetto Tanking Piece

Today’s lesson, how to turn a situational chestpiece into a pretty solid tanking chest.

To review, I am currently rolling with the level 80 blue Reanimated Armor, which drops off of Gortok Palehoof in regular Utgarde Pinnacle.  This is a pretty decent tanking chest if you haven’t got anything from Heroics or Raids.  It served me just fine  in OS, VoA, & Nax10.  The enchant I was using on this piece was the +18 stam Heavy Borean Armor Kit.

Now on to the lesson.

Step 1:  Create through Blacksmithing or purchase from a Blacksmith, the Icebane Chestguard.

Step 2:  Create through Jewelcrafting or purchase from a Jewelcrafter, a Regal Twilight Opal, Vivid Forest Emerald and a Solid Sky Saphire.

Step 3:  Create through Enchanting or purchase from an Enchanter Enchant Chest – Greater Defense.

Step 4:  Wear pimped out Icebane Chestguard.

Let’s break down the stats for those who love that sort of thing.

Reanimated Armor

  • 26,141 Hit Points
  • 22,770 Armor
  • 549 Defense
  • 19.56% Dodge
  • 17.05% Parry
  • 15.96% Block Chance
  • 884 Block Value
  • 2,279 Attack Power
  • 161 Hit Rating
Icebane Chestguard

  • 27,261 Hit Points
  • 23,000 Armor
  • 544 Defense
  • 19.57% Dodge
  • 16.16% Parry
  • 15.76% Block Chance
  • 836 Block Value
  • 2,137 Attack Power
  • 169 Hit Rating

With the Icebane Chestguard I net:

  • 1,120 Additional Hit Points
  • 230 Additional Armor
  • 5 Less Defense (still Crit Immune)
  • .01% Additional Dodge
  • .89% Less Parry
  • .20% Less Block Chance
  • 48 Less Block Value
  • 142 Less Attack Power
  • 8 Additional Hit Rating
  • Let’s not forget the 115 Additional Frost Resistance.

Overall, I’d call it an upgrade.


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