Oculus is Pretty Terrible

I’ve run Regular Oculus a couple times in the last few days and I really have to say, it’s an incredibly awful instance.

Vehicles are horrible.  I know Blizzard has this thing for vehicle combat and more are coming in Ulduar, but seriously…Vehicles are horrible!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Blizzard, stop with the vehicles already!  I want to play my character, not use some dragon’s stupid abilities.  A complete moron could fly up to a dragon and hit 1 repeatedly until the dragon is dead.  Oh wait, you hit time stop from time to time to get REALLY good damage!

Yeah, no thanks.

I’m going to create a poll, and I really hope both of you will answer it.  Vehicles…yay or nay?


One Response to “Oculus is Pretty Terrible”


    I hate vehicles. I have this mental block, or something, that prevents me from using them well. Remember the giant in Zul’Drak or the airplanes in Howling Fijord? Yeah, Patrick had to do all those quests for me.

    I can’t wait to see what Blizz comes up with next xpac to make us fail– “You turn into water, and sink into the ground and water a tree which grows and drops seeds which bloom and then grow back into your character, but different and then all of your abilities are different.” What??

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