Key bindings and you

I recently took my wife’s Priest out for a spin and it showed me just how much I rely on my keybinds.  I didn’t have the Muscle Memory to use the keybinds she had set up so I was forced to hunt & click to use her skills.

Granted, having never played her character before I didn’t even know where her skills were on the bar half the time, but it still showed me how important using convenient keybinds is to my playstyle.

So to give you, my dear reader, some insight into how my fights typically go, I’ve decided to post my keybinds for the world to see.

My binds look like this in Defensive stance, where I live now.

These have pretty much been here since the beginning
1 – Autoattack (same on all stances)
2 – Heroic Strike (same on allstances)
3 – Rend (I know) (same in battle, whirlwind in zerker)
4 – Mouseover Sunder Armor Macro (regular sunder on other stances)
5 – Shield Bash (Every one of my characters has 5 as some sort of interrupt, this is pummel in zerker)
6 – Revenge (Overpower in battle, Victory Rush in zerker)

t – Taunt
g – Shield Slam
v – Devastate
b – Shield Block
c – Spell Reflect
h – Hamstring
x – Execute
z – Heroic Throw
Mouse Button 4 – Cleave (same in all)
ctrl x – Shockwave
ctrl s – Stoneform
ctrl h – heal pot/healthstone
ctrl c – Thunderclap
ctrl f – Last Stand
ctrl t – Mocking Blow
alt v – Intervene
alt 1 – Shoot
alt 2 – Charge
alt 3 – Battle Shout
alt 4 – Demoralizing Shout
alt 5 – Intimidating Shout
alt 6 – Challenging Shout
alt 7 – Commanding Shout
` – Charge/Intercept macro
ctrl ` – Concussion Blow
F1 – Battle Stance
F2 – Def. STance
F3 – Zerker Stance
F4 – PVP Trinket
F5 through F8 – Outfits
F9 through F12 – Various trinkets

These are ones I don’t use as often
7 – Victory Rush in Battle Stance
8 – Shield Wall (Recklessness & Retaliation in other stances)
9 – Zerker Rage (same in all)
0 – is for quest items (same in all)
= – Bloodrage (same in all)

I tend to put each classes major abilities on g and v because they seem to be the easiest keys for me to spam.

My critiques of myself would be that shockwave (ctrl x) is not too convenient (I miss sometimes), but x is execute so I’m not sure where to put it.

Victory rush should be the same button regardless of stance, but I’m still working on that.

Shield Wall is fine because of how rarely it is used, but zerker rage, bloodrage, Intimidating Shout, Challenging Shout & Commanding Shout usually require me to either use my right hand or click, which I don’t love.

I have a crapton of keybinds. My wife would freak if she saw this.  She uses her numbers and alt/numbers and clicks the rest.

If I’m feeling frisky I’ll post my Death Knight’s keybinds in another post.


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