Death Knight Keybinds

Yesterday I posted the keybinds I use on Randul, the Protection Warrior.  Today I am going to post my Death Knight Kered’s keybinds.

To re-emphasize, I bind most of my keys within reach of my left hand when resting on the home row.  (asdf) I am currently Unholy, so some of my keys will reflect that.

Most Used Keys

1 – Attack
2 – Icy Touch
3 – Plague Strike
4 – Death Coil
5 – Mind Freeze
6 – Death Strike
7 – Unbound
8 – Unbound
9 – Quest Items
– – Blood Tap
= – Unholy Blight

t – Dark Command
g – Scourge Strike or Obliterate depending on my spec at the time
v – Blood Strike or Heart Strike, depending on my spec at the time
c – Strangulate
x – Rune Strike
h – Chains of Ice
b – Anti-Magic Shell
z – Corpse Explosion
` – Blood Boil

ctrl c – Death and Decay
ctrl x – Gargoyle
ctrl f – Icebound Fortitude
ctrl ` – Pestilance

alt 1 – Empower Rune Weapon
alt 2 – Death Grip
alt 3 – Horn of Winter
alt 4 – Army of Dead
alt 5 – Bone Shield

F1 – Blood Presence
F2 – Frost Presence
F3 – Unholy Presence

F9 – Trinket
F10 – Trinket
F11 – Death Pact
F12 – Raise Dead

A few things, such as Death Gate & Raise Ally are on Clicks instead of keybinds.


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