Arena Tournament Thoughts

I and two of my friends dove into the Arena Tournament the other day. Do I think I can win it all? No, not really. It’s mostly just a fun thing. I’ve set a optimistic goal of getting the Vanquisher title, but I kind of doubt that’s going to happen either. Armored Murloc, here I come!

My first character on the tournament realm was an Unholy Death Knight named Calduin. I went with the 21/0/50 spec. The other two guys were also an Unholy DK (same spec) and a Holy Paladin. I think the main reason we chose to go with 2DKs & a Pally were because the two DKs actually had level 80 DKs on live and the Pally actually had a Pally on live.

The first day, it didn’t go so well. We were pretty far under .500. I’ll take some of the blame, even though there was plenty to go around. My DK had not been into a single battleground, much less arena. He is Unholy DPS spec, which is very different from Unholy PVP spec. So I just chalked it up to all of us playing offspecs.

I logged in the next day and the other DK told me he and the Pally had talked and thought I should go Fury Warrior, since I have a level 80 warrior on live and that would give us a healing debuff. I’m cool with going warrior, but I decided to go with Arms, since that’s what I’m used to. I went with a 60/11/0 spec, and Randul the Dwarf on the Tournament Realm was born. I’m not sure that so much Arms is a good idea, but I like the bleed playstyle.

We ended up going 9 and 8 for the day, so we got above .500.  That’s an improvement I can appreciate.  We are all still tweaking our gear and playstyles, but an improvement is better than staying the same or going backwards.

Today, I decided to do a little research.  I am seeing a LOT of Pally/Hunter/Something comps near the top of the rankings.  A lot of those Somethings happen to be Death Knights.  Well, I have a Hunter sitting at 70 on live, so I’ve at least played a Hunter before.  I’m thinking about making a Hunter as my third character.  I want to go with a 0/14/57 build, but I’m not sure.  I’ve never played Survival before, so I am hoping I can make the transition.

I’m sure we’ll be playing our arena guys over the weekend, as well as doing Obsidian Sanctum and VoA if we have it tonight and hoping for a full clear of Naxx over the course of Saturday and Sunday.

I’ll be back with an update on Monday.


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