The good, the Bad & the Ugly of Raiding

As the title suggests, this weekend’s raid had some good, some bad and some very ugly times.

The Good.

The Dinner Goat crew started the weekend on Friday with 10-man Obsidian Sanctum.  Our raid leader & Main Tank couldn’t log on due to the login issues, but we decided to go without them.  We pugged a tank who was much better geared than I was, so we let him MT.  That was probably a mistake.  He died more than a few times and I had to pick everything up and save the day.  One time we wiped because of it, but the other times everything went alright.

I’m not sure what this guy was doing to get himself killed.  If I had to guess I’d say he was getting hit in the back, but I didn’t see for certain.  We did manage to down Sartharion, and I got the Signet of the Accord, which made me a happy camper.

After OS, we went to 10-man VoA and just thrashed the place like nobody’s business…just like we and everyone else always does.  I didn’t get any loot from VoA.  It wasn’t too late after that, so we decided to run 25-man VoA.  I didn’t get anything there either, but it was a piece of delicious cake.

Saturday we got back into it.  We pretty much owned the Arachnid quarter & Military quarter of Naxx10.  We wiped on Maexxna because…well I’m not sure why.  I believe they said something about the poison not being removed.  Second attempt we owned it.

The only other hiccup we had was on 4-horsemen.  It actually took us 3 tries to get them down.  The first time, I’m fairly certain I taunted the mob I already had on me and things went downhill from there.  The second attempt, Blaumeux in the back decided the priest tanking her wasn’t close enough and wiped the raid.  We are pretty sure he was in range cause she was casting on him, but who knows…the horsemen do odd things sometimes.

The last attempt we killed them and the people rejoiced.  Yay!

The Bad.

Time for the bad.  Sunday we decided to start off in the Plague Quarter.  We own Noth like the little girl he is.  That fight is weak.  Other than MAYBE grand widow, that fight has to be the easiest in Naxx.

So now we’ve reached Heigan.  Things didn’t go so well.  Apparently our group does not equal dancers.  I’m pretty sure I’ve got it down, and on the last attempt I was still standing after everyone else had wiped.  Of course, I had no healers so I just stood in a slime explosion and let myself die.

We tried Heigan three times before we decided to go after Patchwerk.

Welcome to The Ugly.

We had a pug fury warrior with us.  He was, well he was not good.  At least that’s what I thought up to this point.  He was full on fury for starters.  I’m not positive, but I’m pretty sure most fury warriors go into Arms to get Deep Wounds and Impale.  So that was my first “uh oh” in my head.  Secondly, I noticed that even though this dude was specced for Commanding Presence, he wasn’t shouting.  Not Battle Shout nor Commanding Shout.  The two tanks were the ones that were having to shout.

Fine, so he’s not good.  Little did I know that he would soon earn the title of “Terrible”.  This guy is rocking at least 4 pieces of Heroic Raid gear.  That’s good stuff.  His DPS was around 1700 for the raid.  Trash & Bosses combined.

I know Death Knights are OP, but come on!  I can beat that by 500 points on my Death Knight with horrible gear.

So we get to Patchwerk.  You know, that guy who is supposed to make DPS drool because their numbers should skyrocket?  This guy’s dps drops to 1200 DPS!  Seriously?  Is he trying to wipe our raid?  You almost have to try to do bad to do that poorly!

The Hunter we pugged also forgot to use his pet for Patchy, so he hit his enraged and made us his…well, he wiped us.

We came back for Patchwerk again and this time the horrible warrior decided that he was absolutely not going to get behind Patches.  Hey guess what!  We wiped again.

So that was the ugly.  We had some choice words for Mr. Warrior, but I doubt he will change.  He’s pretty happy in his sucktitude.

I try not to be elitist, because I don’t think I am elitist.  Having said that, some things are unacceptable.  DPS…STAND BEHIND THE BOSS.  Hunters…DON’T FORGET YOUR PET.  At max level, there is no excuse for a Hunter not remembering to get his pet out.  There is no doubt in my mind we would have one-shot Patchwerk if that pet had been out, even with the idiot warrior being an idiot.

Overall, it was a frustrating run.  There is a silver lining though.  I managed to get enough Emblems for my Tier 7 Gloves.  Next emblem piece…trinket for 40 emblems or chest for 80?


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