Three down, 1.5 to go and other raid musings

This weekend Dinner Goat rolled into raiding a little differently.  We only did VoA on Friday, because 3 of our raiders went to see Watchmen.  We entered the raid with 15 minutes left on the timer and we 8-manned it.  I’m not trying to say we are awesome, but we are.

Saturday we did OS with no trouble, as usual and meandered on over to Nax.  We only had 8 people at this point as well, but we decided to go ahead with it as we were going to work on Heigan today and didn’t want any whiny puggers bringing us down.

We actually had a little trouble 8-manning the stone gargoyle 2-pulls that heal if your dps doesn’t burn them down after a certain point.  We were using 2 healers, 2 tanks and 4 dps, so our dps was one entire person short on this pull.  We wiped once, but after that we came back and owned them like nobody’s business.  I think we weren’t taking it seriously the first try.

We got to Noth and while the adds were cumbersome, we were able to beat him without wiping.  Up the gauntlet we go, with no issue and we get to Heigan.  Heigan has been a block for us at least twice, maybe three times.  All those times we had puggers that were getting whiny so we called after a couple wipes.

As it turns out, the DG crew was tired of Heigan laughing at us, cause we freaking OWNED the Safety Dance and all was right with the world.  It’s hard to describe Heigan, so if you want to see it done check out one of the many Heigan video kills on Youtube.

After Heigan we called it before going onto Loatheb.  We had just enough time to do Loatheb, but we didn’t want to bring a pug in for one boss so we decided to start on Loatheb on Sunday Afternoon.

Enter Sunday afternoon.

Once again we started out with 8 people.  Two of those 8 were puggers, as one of our normal crew was on Malygos on her other character and the other normal guy was playing in a Lacrosse game.

On our first attempt at 8-manning Loatheb we wiped.  Our Raid composition was 2 healers, 2 tanks & 4 dps.  After the first Loatheb wipe our Malygos runner got on her lock and one of our dps (Ret Pally) switched to his Resto Shaman.  We owned Loatheb this time around.  Apparently having 3 healers makes Loatheb a pansy.

The trick to Loatheb is he has a debuff that lasts 17 out of every 20 seconds.  While that debuff is up, no one in the raid can be healed.  This means all healing has to be done in a 3 second window every 20 seconds.  Having never done this before, I was nervous, but our healers were up to the task.  Loatheb also spawns little dancing spores.  When you are near a spore that dies, you get a huge crit buff.  I think it gives 100% to crit or something disgusting like that and it also gives you no threat.  So really, if the healers are on the ball during that 3 seconds and everyone (except the tank at first, he can get it later down the line) gets the crit buff, Loatheb is easy loot.

Speaking of easy loot, I got my Tier 7 Shoulders off of Loatheb.

After Loatheb we went over to the Spider Wing because we got that crap on farm right?

Eh, I spazzed out on Anub’Rekhan.    He shot me up into the air right as his Locust Swarm started, so I was already a little off my game.  I ran into the wall trying to get away from him, which slowed me down a little as well.  So he was already hitting me in the back before I was halfway around the slime.  In my effort to turn (to avoid taking back-hits) I fell in the slime.  We wiped at this point.

After that, however, I was back into my normal groove and he fell like a ton of bricks.  At this point, our Lacrosse guy finally showed up so we finally got our tenth for the raid.  He is our main tank, so I went back to being the OT and our PUG OT went to dps as he was a death knight tank and they can put out some decent DPS.

We owned Grand Widow Faerlina, as we usually do, and got to Maexxna.  I mean, we’ve got Maexxna on farm, right?  RIGHT?!  /sigh  Not so much.  Our DPS was just too low.  At this point our raid composition had turned to 3 healers, 2 tanks, 1 tank dpsing and 4 dps.  So not only was our DPS too low, but I was having trouble picking up Maex’s adds.  Rage starvation sucks in this fight.

So what do we do?  We call super-Kered, that’s who.  I decided to go ahead and let the DK go back to off tanking and I went and got my DPS Death Knight.  With my added dps (I put out around 2500 for the fight) we dropped her and much loot was had by all.  Well…not much loot, but some loot.

Our last fight of the day was Razuvious.  Since the Death Knight tank had never done this fight before, I went ahead and took one of the MC roles on Kered.  We lost some DPS, but I know how it’s done and it’s just easier if people know how to do it.  It went smoothly and we beat him.

My Achievements!

Yeah, it’s an armory pic, but it’s what I’ve got.  If you look closely you’ll see I’ve highlighted the name Randul in the address bar.  So, for those keeping score, Dinner Goat has now cleared 3 wings of Naxxramas.  The Plague Wing, the Spider Wing and the Military Wing.  All that’s left is the Abomination wing.  I can’t wait until we get our next run at Patchwerk.

If nothing else, we will have Abomination down next weekend.  We’ll have cleared all the wings, just not necessarily in the same week.


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