Grobulus Sucks

For a better look at Grobbulus’ strategy, go here.

As any of you who have been keeping up with my blog will know, my guild has been working on Naxxramas-10 lately.  We added another quality dpser to our raid, (Welcome Fandark!) so I’m pretty happy about that.  He was already raiding with us, but he’s officially a member of Dinner Goat now, and I couldn’t be happier.

Last week, I posted about how we had finally cleared three quarters of Nax.  First was Spider, then Military, then Plague.  Funny side note: we only had 7 guildies to do Nax this weekend, so we had to pug 3 dps spots.  On the Safety Dance, all three pugs died pretty quickly in the fight, but all 7 members of Dinner Goat will standing tall at the end.  Grats Dinner Goat.  You all rock!

So this week we started in the Abomination wing.  Our raid composition was (bear with me, it changed throughout the weekend) Prot Paladin, Prot Warrior (me), Holy Priest, Holy Paladin, Rogue, Shadow Priest, Death Knight x2, Ret Paladin & Mage .  Patchwerk went down like a girl, in spite of the sub-par DPS from the DK & Ret Pally.  Our Priest and Holy Pally healed through it like pros.  They rock.

Our guilded DK dps switched to his Holy Priest for some additional healing at this point.  So we get through frogger to Grobbulus.  I hate to say it, but this guy was a total rooster block for us the entire weekend.

I should start by giving strategy.  Grobbulus has a few abilities.  First thing he does is drop fart rings on the floor.  These are AOE damage, and one should not stand in the fart.  Hey drops these every 15 seconds I believe.  So the main tank needs to backwards walk Grob around the outside of the room.

The next thing Grobbulus does is spray slime across the room.  If things are going the way they should, the only person getting hit by the slime should be the main tank.  The slime only goes forward and as long as the main tank is the only person in front of Grob, he’ll be the only one getting hit.  You only want the main tank getting hit, because for each person damaged by the slime a Fallout Slime spawns.  These fellas do aoe damage to anyone around them and are just nuisances.  The OT needs to pick them up and they need to be burned down asap.  More than one of these is a problem, so, and I can’t stress this enough, dps should stay BEHIND Grobbulus.

The last thing Grobbulus does, and the most difficult to deal witht is inject random raid members with a Mutating Injection.  This puts a disease on the person.  Basically they have 10 seconds to go AWAY from the raid and after that 10 seconds expires, their disease will explode causing nearly 10k damage to them and anyone around them.  It also drops another lovely fart ring on the floor.

We had our MT moving Grobbulus enough so that people with the mutating injection could run in between his fart rings to drop their own fart rings.  Check out for a video on how do Grobblulus.

On our first attempt, I disconnected and, while I wasn’t there for it, I think everything went south pretty soon after, since they had wiped when I got back.  Apparently losing one of your tanks and one of your three healers is a bad thing.

When I got back, we tried again.  This time I got to see all the chaos.  Puggers dpsing in front of the boss, people dropping farts willy nilly throughout the raid.  It was ugly.  Granted, most of us had never seen this fight, but it was still ugly.  On our third attempt someone pinned in one of our healers and she blew up in a bad way, which lead to some wipage.

Instead of continuing on, we decided to go battle things we knew we could beat, and we did.

Sunday we decide to try Grob again.  This time we’ve got a Holy Pally, a Holy Priest, Prot Pally, Prot Warrior, Mage, Shadow Priest, Rogue, Warlock x2, & the Ret Pally again.

The Ret Pally did 880 dps.  That’s not a typo.  Basically, if our puggers had matched the dps of our lowest guilded dps, we’d have dropped him.  I did the math.  The additional dps would have been enough in the time we fought him.  Unfortunately, one of our top dpsers (DK) was out of town at this point, so we lost a lot with him out.

This brings up a dilemna for me.  I am a good tank.  Our MT & I are pretty much neck and neck as far as gear goes, and we both do our jobs quite well.  However, there are times when extra dps would go a long way.  As you probably know, I have a DK alt sitting out there in decent but not great gear that does  2500+ dps.  At what point would it benefit the guild to pug an adequate, but probably not as good as me tank to get my dps in there?  All the off tank has to do on Grobbulus is know not to drop farts in the raid and tank the fallout slimes.  It’s not a particularly stressful job for an OT.  No more than the dps really.  If we could find a pug tank, I think my dps would have helped a lot.

So anyway, Grobbulus is taunting the DG crew.  Some lack of execution with a large lack of DPS is keeping us from getting past him.  According to my raid leader, he’s the last speedbump in our road to clearing Naxx, and I’m excited.  Hopefully this weekend we’ll have an 8-man DG crew and only have to pick up a couple pugs.

This time next week, I’ll be saying “Abomination Wing, cleared!”

Then, onto Saph & KT.


4 Responses to “Grobulus Sucks”

  1. Grob is hell on melee DPS. I’ll go from 4,500 DPS on patch to 1,600 on Grob. He is a very melee unfriendly fight. Since he is constantly on the move and there is always a cloud behind him.

    I find I do better as melee if I stand to his side in the 4 o’clock position if he is facing 12. That way you are behind the tank and can avoid the sprays but you can remain in his hit box longer.

    The key is placement of the injections. You never want to get boxed in, you always want to place them behind the melee DPS, and whenever possible get them as close to existing rings as you can.

    That includes heals and ranged DPS knowing where to place theirs as well.

    Good luck.

  2. I have no doubt we’ll get him this weekend. We have an offtank lined up so that I can DPS and we will be getting our other Healer back from vacation. With that healer back our Holy Pally will be able to switch to his elemental shaman. That will drop two 1400-1500 (for the run) DPSers in favor of a 2500+ dpser and a 3000+ DPSer. That’s a big difference..

  3. […] players we could trust from OoA filling our empty slots completely changed our raid.  I’ve spoken about Grob tactics before, but the short version is; kite him around the outside of the room, everyone stay […]

  4. 上盘…

    […]Grobulus Sucks « Where’s Me Drink?[…]…

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