The Pug from Hell

Before this weekend, I have never tanked a PUG that ended in total failure.  I have DPS’d said PUGs, but never tanked one.  I like to think I am a good tank and it takes a lot for my groups to fall apart.  Notice how I prefaced this paragraph with “Before this weekend”?  Yeah.  I did that on purpose.

Go check out Darraxus the Warrior’s blog.  He has a guide to pugging.  I’m sad to say I broke 5 of his 6 commandments.  His six commandments are; thou shalt not be afraid to leave unnanounced, thou shalt inspect each member before commencing PUG, thou shalt run a damage meter, thou shalt make your own PUG, thou shalt let they community be aware, and thou shalt be helpful.

Unfortunately, the only one of these I DID do was run a damage meter, and the damage meter confused the crap out of me to be honest.

As I stated before, I consider myself a good tank.  In Guild runs and most PUGs I’m in I keep aggro off of 2500 dps players.  I do it when they are focus firing, I do it when they aoe, I do it when I’m marking and I do it when I’m not marking.

How then, on God’s green earth can I lose aggro to people doing 1400-1500 dps?

We were running Heroic Azjol-Nerub.  We got past the first pull no problem.  I never lost aggro and I was feeling pretty good about the run in general.  The second pull, the one before the boss sequence, was when I started to get nervous.  It’s a three pull, something I should have no problem with, but I was still losing aggro to these guys.

After the second pull we started the boss sequence.  For those that don’t know, Krik’thir the Gatewatcher has 3 groups standing in front of him.  Pulling the first group begins a timed sequence which sends the second group, the third group and then the boss at certain intervals.  If you don’t kill them fast enough, you’ll get the next group and so on until you get the boss.

I have never had a problem with this fight.  Be it aggro or DPS speed, this fight is a piece of cake.  Last night, this was not the case.  I could not pry aggro off of my party members, including the healer!  After three wipes (notice me breaking the first commandment here), I said one more try.  This time I was finally keeping aggro because they weren’t going balls to the wall right out of the gate.  I’m feeling good about it, then I notice the rogue died.  Again.  How he managed to pull aggro off of me with his rockin’ 1400 dps is a mystery to me, but he managed to do it.

The rogue managed run back in time for the third group of adds just in time for the boss to run up while we still have the adds up.  How???  How can these guys be throwing down enough dps to pull off of me, but not be throwing down enough dps to get these mobs down before the boss enters the fray?

At this point, I decided to follow the first commandment and get out of dodge.  From now on, the commandments will be followed by Randul the Dwarf.  I can guarantee that.


3 Responses to “The Pug from Hell”

  1. The mobs you were losing aggro to were Skirmishers. they drop aggro and target a random party member. Therefore they need to be the first to die.

  2. I forgot to add, once the skirmishers drop aggro and randomly select a target, they can not be taunted either.

  3. I actually thought of this and figured it out around the second pull. It wasn’t just the skirmishers though, they were pulling everything off of me.

    I learned my lesson. Ran A-N with my guild last night and had a smooth run. No trouble whatsoever.

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