Now What?

I have no idea, that’s what.  I’m at a slightly awkward phase my WOW career right now.  I’m not sure whether I should push forward with more established characters, start working on my benchwarmers or start an entirely new alt.

I have a raiding Prot Warrior who is very nearly finished as far as 10-man raiding goes.  I need 15 more badges to get his tier 7 chest and I need a belt.  His downside is that I don’t typically solo him.  I have things I could do with him, such as work on his Sons of Hodir rep, but the wife hasn’t felt like questing lately and I have to quest to get through that chain.

I have a level 80 Unholy DPS Death Knight who isn’t geared very well, but he’s also not my primary raider.  He’s got a level 75 blue, a level 76 blue and two level 78 blues, and yet he does what I consider respectable dps.  I could definitely work on him some to get him a little more raid-ready, but usually when I’m instancing I’m needed to tank.  Which brings me to another option for him, switching him to a tank spec and tanking.  He’s at 540 Defense, his HP, Armor & Avoidance leave a little to be desired though.

I have a level 70 Rogue, but I haven’t been excited about him lately.  Before my DK, he was a character I liked very much, but now he’s just another melee class.  I don’t really cherish the idea of having three level 80 melee classes.

I have a level 67 Hunter.  He’s on my old server so I would have to transfer him, but this guy has got me slightly interested.  Before the DK, I was really concentrating on the warrior and the rogue, but now the hunter gives me something I think I need right now…variety.  He gives me the ability to shoot from afar, some utility and crowd control (which we never use).

My last couple options are way down the leveling ladder.  I have a level 31 Shaman, who I would have to transfer to my current server, and a level 6 Mage who I just made the other day.

In all honesty, the Shaman interests me the most.  I have no characters with the ability to heal, and having that option would be really nice.  Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot of desire to level to 80 from level 31.

If I can at least get Beatris through the opening quest chain on Sons of Hodir, I am definitely going to work on Randul’s rep with them, but what else?  Should I work on Kered’s (the DK) gear?  I can only imagine what his dps would be if I got rid of those mid-70’s blues and got him some epics.  Should I start leveling the hunter for a change of pace?  Level the Shaman?  Start from scratch on the Mage?

What do you think?


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