Yes folks, that’s right.  The Dinner Goat crew along with three awesome members of the Order of Ancients downed Kel’Thuzad and cleared Naxxramas last night.

In the screenshot below, you can see us hanging out in the Naxxramas throne room after running rampant through Naxx, destroying everything in our path.  You can spot me standing next to Beatris the Explorer (my wife).  I’m one good lookin’ Dwarf eh?  I lucked into catching Remmy, our Raid Leader, doing some sort of disco casting move.  Pretty sure that makes the shot.


It was a hectic fight.  We lost both tanks and a healer before it was over, but we stood triumphant over Kel’s….shadowy ball, in the end.

As far as our tactics for this triumphant week, we pretty much steamrolled Spider, Plague & Military, as we usually do.  For tactics on those, check out my past Raiding posts.

As for the Abomination wing, we finally managed to jump some hurdles.  Patchwerk was a piece of cake.  In fact, we had an undergeared tank main tanking patchwerk as our healers 2-healed it.  The only tips I can think of for Patch are make sure your lesser tank is main tanking and your better tank is second in threat.  Make sure your melee dps is BEHIND him and blow cooldowns cause he has an enrage timer.

We finally got by Grobbulus by not having idiots in the raid.  I’m sorry puggers, but the fact that we had quality players we could trust from OoA filling our empty slots completely changed our raid.  I’ve spoken about Grob tactics before, but the short version is; kite him around the outside of the room, everyone stay behind him, kill the Fallout Slime as soon as it spawns, stay out of green circle farts and don’t drop the circle farts you will make when you get injected in the middle of the raid.  In fact, drop them along the wall between Grob’s farts.

Gluth kept us busy for a while.  At first we were trying to 9-man him.  Our raid comp at this point was 2 healers, 2 tanks, 2 melee dps, 3 ranged dps, one of which was a hunter.

The tanks have to taunt Gluth back and forth when they get 3 stacks of his debuff on him.  The hard part is keeping the zombie adds in check until the decimate when you aoe the zombies.  Gluth does a decimate which drops everyone in the raid plus all his zombie adds to 5% health.  At this point the zombies run to gluth so he can eat them and regain his health.  You have to aoe them down before they get there.  Even that part went fine.  When they aren’t decimated, however, they run around trying to kill people.  Which they did.

Only when we switched to a 3-healer setup were we successful.  (we also picked up a 10th)  A holy pally was kiting zombies while a hunter was laying down frost traps and a priest healed the prot pally.  Our other priest was up front healing the tanks.  It really worked out rather well at this point.  The extra healer healing the holy pally was the big difference.  He was trying to heal himself at first and it just wasn’t happening.

Thaddius was a joke.  We wiped once cause we’d never been there then owned his house.  Thaddius has two adds that have to die within seconds of each other.  That’s easy enough, the fun part is they shoot the tank to each other so the tank has to keep switching adds and the healers have to keep switching tanks to heal.

As soon as his adds drop you have to jump accross to the platform Thaddius is on.  Making the jump is important, cause if you don’t you have to go all the way out and try again.  I’m happy to say all of our raiders made the jump.

Thaddius also “charges” raiders.  Basically you will either have a positive + charge or a negative – charge.  Positive charges need to be on one side of him and negative charges need to be on the other side.  It’s really not a difficult concept and it was really easy once we saw what we needed to do.

Next we went after Sapphiron.  Unfortunately, I was gemming a frost resist belt during the explanation and caused our wipe.  Go me.  However, after seeing what it was I needed to do, I did it, the raid did it and she dropped.

First things first, Sapphiron has a Frost Aura that ticks for about 1200 damage per second on everyone.  This is just gonna happen so deal.  She also has a tail sweep and a pretty huge cleave, so don’t get behind him or in front of him unless you are the tank.  There is a blizzard attack that everyone except the Main Tank needs to get out of.  Main tank is just gonna eat it.  That was me for this fight.  I ate it up, nom nom nom.

She also has a life drain that needs to be dispelled, as it damages raiders and heals Sapph…that’s bad.

Periodically Sapph will lift off the ground and hit people with an icebolt that turns them into a block of ice and does damage to them and everyone around them, so try to spread out a little bit.  Of course, you don’t want to spread out TOO far, because after she turns them into ice she will breath a frost breath that will kill anyone it hits.  To not get hit, you have to hide BEHIND the people that are ice blocks.  Pretty clever.  After the frost breath he lands and you commence repetition.

Finally we get to Kel’Thuzad.  You start the fight with everyone in the raid running into the green circle in the middle of the room.  I’m not sure why, but the Raid Leader said it was important.  After that, adds start coming from different rooms randomly, you will see them.  Abominations are tanked by the tanks.  These are dps focus targets.  Little skeletons also run toward you.  These need to be killed by ranged before they get to the group, lest they blow you up.  Lastly, banshees come VERY slow, but they have a lot of hp and if they get to you, they knock you around the room…which is bad.  So ranged need to take them out as well.

We had tanks & melee on Abominations, a Hunter on skeletons, & a shadow priest and mage on the banshees.  It worked out rather well.

Finally KT jumps into the fray.  It’s important to stay spread out.  He has a fun little ability that turns people into a block of ice and causes 105% damage to them over 3 seconds.  As soon as they get frozen they need to be healed.  If they were at full health one heal will keep them from dying, but if they aren’t at full health they are gonna need more.  This ice block will also chain to anyone within 5 yards of you, thus the need to stay spread out.

KT also does a frostbolt volley that didn’t seem to do much and something called Mana Bomb.  It apparently deals damage based on maximum mana.

Oh, I can’t forget…he opens shadow fissures.  These are the “fire” you aren’t supposed to stand in.  They don’t do periodic damage though, it’s all at once after about 3 seconds.  So get out of them before that point, or you will die.

Lastly, at 40% KT summons a couple adds.  They are basically just melee adds that your Offtank needs to pick up.  The only hard part of this is if your offtank gets frost blocked while the adds are on him.  If he isn’t healed HARD, he will die…as I did.

All in all, it’s a fun fight.  I hope to live through the entirety of it sometime.

That’s the final leg of the DG Naxxramas tour folks.  Next stop, Malygos!


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