Starting To Get Excited

Patch 3.1 is coming, and with it…dual-specs!

As you should most definitely know, I am a tank.  I love tanking.  I love being that last wall between the life and death of my entire raid.  It’s a lot of fun and a lot of responsibility, but I dig it.

HOWEVER, I also love Arms!  The Arms tree has fascinated me since I knew there was such at thing as multiple trees.  I imagine the concept of the Arms tree goes something like this.  A warrior using his weapon, with which he has trained for years, with utmost precision to damage his foe.  I will make you BLEED, and then capitalize off of your weakness!

So yeah, my dual-specs are going to be Protection and Arms.  I have two thoughts on the subject really.  I will either go full on PVE dps Arms or a PVE/PVP hybrid Arms.

My PVE Arms spec looks a little something like this.  I opted to go mace spec because I happen to have a Titansteel Destroyer already made.  If I could get that axe from Heroic Halls of Lightning I’d go axe spec for sure.  In all honesty, as far as dps goes this is a better Arms weapon since it’s slower, but the stats on the Destroyer are just beautiful.

My PVE/PVP hybrid spec looks like this.  I’m essentially trading Commanding Presence for Improved Hamstring and Second Wind.  I’m also trading 2 points in Improved Execute for a point in Tactical Mastery and Piercing Howl.  The loss in AP from Commanding can be overcome from other buffs so it’s not a huge issue.  The loss of improved execute, while sucky, just can’t be helped.  Second Wind and Improved Hamstring are just too important for pvp.

I’m already sitting with the 1,000 gold in my bank, so it’s just a matter of the patch coming out and I’m ready to roll.  Next time you see Randul the Dwarf, watch out!  I might be a walking fortress, or I might be a spinning ball of death.  You wanna take the chance?


One Response to “Starting To Get Excited”

  1. Ive been reading this blog for a little over a month now. Really enjoyable read. Its became part of my daily work routine. Keep it coming.!

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