Tank Fight of the Week: Anub’Rekhan

A special introduction

First things first, I’d like to say that I have been inspired.  I had lost a little inspiration in the last couple weeks, but then I saw a comment from one of my readers and it revived my interest in this blog.

It’s one thing to see that X number of people hit your site.  It’s another thing when they are willing to take the time to comment on your posts.  Thank you!

Having said that, I’m not sure I love the direction this blog has taken.  It has become more of an outlet for me to give a running commentary on my WOW playtime.  That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it isn’t what I envisioned for this website.  I envision this to be a place where like-minded players (insane) of similar classes (Warriors & DKs mostly) can get useful tips and information with some humor thrown in for good measure.

The Tank Fight of the Week

With that line thought in mind, I give you the “Tank Fight of the Week”.  What is this amazing new thing, you ask?  I’m so glad that you asked, that I’ve decided to tell you.  The Tank Fight of the Week is going to be a column I do, in which I give a detailed description of what I do to tank specific encounters.

I’ve done similar things in past posts, but I know these have been too vague.  The up and coming tank might have figured out that they need to run around the edge on Anub, but when should they go?  When should they hit their cooldowns?  Where should they tank him?

With this column, I’ll tell you!


Let’s start with your responsibilities as the Main Tank.  You will be tanking Anub’Rekhan.  He’s the big guy on the other side of the room when you first walk in.  You should also have an Off Tank to tank the Crypt Guards and Corpse Scarabs that spawn periodically.  The Crypt Guards come out of the curtain behind Anub’Rekhan.  The Corpse Scarabs spawn off of anything that dies.

Anub’Rekhan has 2 major abilities.

  • Impale, which targets a random player and shoots spikes up from the ground in a line from Anub and the player.  These spikes hit anyone in their path for some damage and shoot them up into the air.  They also take falling damage.
  • Locust Swarm, which deals a LOT of nature damage to anyone within it’s range, pacifies players within it’s range, and slows Anub’ by 40%.  Basically, if you are in range of this ability it will hurt and you won’t be able to do anything.

On Anub’Rekhan, positioning is key, and having Deadly Boss Mods is a HUGE asset.  The first thing I do when I start combat is charge Anub’, run through him, turn a 180 with my mouse and use my ‘s’ key to back him to where I want him.

Where do I want him?  Good question!  I want his back to the raid and I want to be standing right next to the end of the slime moat.  Basically, Anub’ should be in front of you, the raid should be behind him and the edge of the slime moat should be to your left.  See my extremely detailed depiction for a graphical representation of the fight!


As I’m backing him to where I want him, I’m also building threat.  Since I’m using my ‘s’ button to back up, I’m actually clicking (something I rarely do) my abilities to establish threat before the rogue (Hi Fandark) pulls threat off of me.  If rogues can Tricks of the Trade you or Hunters can Misdirect you, that helps here.

Typically, my abilities used at the beginning of this fight are Charge, Shield Slam, Shield Block, Revenge & then Thunderclap and Demoralizing Shout.  This builds a lot of threat, provides some extra survivability if the healers aren’t paying attention, and by this point in the rotation I have him positioned correctly.

Now I go into my normal “beginning of the fight” priority system of Shield Slam, Revenge, Devastate.  I maintain this priority system until 5 stacks of Sunder Armor (from the Devastates) are up on Anub.  At that point my priority system becomes Shield Slam, Revenge, Shockwave, Concussive Blow & then Devastate.

It is also fairly important to keep your survivability abilities up on Anub, especially when Locust Swarm is getting close.  These are Thunderclap, to slow his attacks down and Demoralizing Shout to reduce his Attack Power.

How to deal with Locust Swarm

In all honesty, Deadly Boss Mods makes this part of the fight trivial.  It warns you when the Locust Swarm is coming so you can react just before it hits.  I’m going to assume you don’t have DBM, however and do it the hard way.

As soon as you see the Locust Swarm castbar come up (You do have show target castbars on, right?) you need to get the hell out of dodge.  Remember how you had that moat of slime to your left?  Now you run for that moat.  On the OUTER edge of the slime is a block pathway.  This is where you want to run.  Do not go INTO the slime.  It hurts and you will probably die.

Once you get most of the way around the slime path, that Locust Swarm is going to wear off.  If you are very quick you will be through the slime and standing on the opposite side of the room waiting for him, facing him preferably.  If you aren’t fast enough, he’s going to be wailing into your backside where you lose your avoidance.

This is a bad thing.  Before I got DBM as soon as Locust Swarm ended I was hitting Shield Block and doing a jump 180.  How do you do this?  You jump and turn to face him.  This is somewhat dangerous because you could jump in the slime, but it also keeps him from hitting you in the back.  If you can do it without going slimy dipping, great.  Do it.  If you can’t, I suggest hitting your “OH CRAP” button.  For me, it’s /use both trinkets and /cast Shield Wall and Last Stand.  A priest shielding at this point is VERY helpful also, but we aren’t talking about healing tactics!  This is a TANK blog, yo!

The bottom line is, if your reaction time is good or you are using DBM to know exactly when to take off, he won’t catch you until you are standing on the other side waiting to say hi.

If your reaction time is poor he will be gnawing on your hind quarters.  That’s when problems develop.

After you have him on the other side of the room, position him so that the slime is now on your RIGHT side.  You want to take off running on the same side of the room you just ran on.  This allows your dps & healers to not have to run around like chickens with their heads chopped off.

You’ve now tanked Anub’Rekhan.  Enjoy your epics.  Next time, Grand Widow Faerlina!


2 Responses to “Tank Fight of the Week: Anub’Rekhan”

  1. Enjoy your “FREE EPIX”!!!

  2. Oh, and I love Anub’Rekhan’s RWAR teeth 😀

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