Tank Fights of the Week: Faerlina & Grobbulus

That’s right folks, not one but two Tank Fights this week!  Why would I go absolutely crazy and do two, count them, TWO tank fights this week?  It’s simple really.  1) Grand Widow Faerlina is not the most cerebral of tank fights.  2) Nearly every hit I get off of Google is someone looking for Grobbulus tactics.  Ask and ye shall receive!

Grand Widow Faerlina


  • Poison Bolt Volley: Hits the 3 closest players for 2500 – 3500 damage.  Also applies a dot which can be removed.
  • Rain of Fire: Hits players in the area of effect for around 2,000 damage every 2 seconds for 6 seconds.  Move plz.
  • Frenzy: The enrage we will talk about.

Honestly, this fight is a piece of cake to Main Tank.  Other than your normal routine, you have to remember to blow your cooldowns when she turns into an enormous red witch.

With two tanks, your setup will go a little something like this.  Your higher AOE threat tank will be tanking the four adds that are standing to either side of Faerlina.  The other tank will be tanking Faerlina.

To start, we have our add tank go up and pull everyone, including Faerlina.  Then our boss tank comes up and taunts Faerlina off of the add tank.

I’m not normally going to go into a lot of detail for off tanking duties, but this is not necessarily the off tank but the add tank.  The add tank needs to make sure to keep threat on all 4 of the adds, damaging them to the point where they are close enough to drop as soon as they are focused by the dps, but not enough to accidentally kill them.

Why?  Because Faerlina likes to Frenzy from time to time.  To get her to stop being such a butthole, you have to kill one of her buddies.  You’d think it’d go the other way around, but maybe it scares her.

So the boss tank is standing there holding aggro on Faerlina.  If you have Deadly Boss Mods, which I recommend, you’ll have a nice little warning that tells you when she is about to Frenzy.  This is where you hit your “Oh Crap!” button, just in case your dps can’t drop an add quick enough.  She hits like a truck when enraged, so if you aren’t geared you are gonna pay.  If you don’t have DBM, you’ll know she enrages when she turns red and grows.  Oh, and your life bar will start dropping like a rock.

TL/DR Boss Tank:  Tank and Spank.  When she enrages blow survival cooldowns.

TL/DR Add Tank:  Hold AOE aggro.  Get them low enough to be 1-shot by the dps and stand there with your finger in your nose.

Grobbulus, by popular demand

Oh Grobbulus, how I do hate thee.  Actually, now that I’ve beat you, you aren’t nearly as bad as your puppy Gluth, but you are still a pain in the butt.


  • Poison Cloud:  Every 15 seconds Grobbulus farts.  Fart clouds will deal 2000 damage to people standing inside them, and will last for 75 seconds.  They also expand outwards in size.  To know when he does this, watch his arm that is a needle.  When it glows green, that means he’s farting.
  • Mutating Injection:  Grobbulus will cast these approximately every 20 seconds in the beginning of the fight, and more frequently as time passes. People injected with it will fart a Poison Cloud when the disease is removed or after it expires it will deal about 8500 damage to the person injected and nearby players.  Unless someone is dedicated to watching this disease and removing it at opportune times, just let it expire.
  • Slime Spray: A frontal cone spray that deals 6,300 to 7,700  damage. Every player hit by the Spray will spawn a Fallout Slime.
  • Fallout Slime: Spawned from players hit by Slime Spray, those deal 1,000 damage every 2 seconds to everyone within 10 yards of them.  Hey Off Tank, pick these up, kthx.

So on Grobbulus, as the main tank, you want to keep him out of his farts and allow room behind him for dps/healers/off tank to place farts of their own.  If all goes well, your sole responsibility will be to backwards walk him around the edge of the room stopping from time to time to give your melee dps some quality time.  (see my illustration for a sample path, with sample farts)


As the main tank, you should never be injected and you should never have to worry about fallout slimes, although there will be times when you’ll want to grab one, such as when your off tank is on the other side of the room farting.

Grobbulus does start injecting people faster as his health decreases, so blow cooldowns when he gets low to minimize the fast injection time.  He also enrages after 12 minutes and kills everyone.  Try to kill him before that happens.

Note for all non-main tank personnel.

Here are the rules for Grobbulus, I normally don’t worry about you folks, but people really want to know how to do this fight.

  1. Don’t get in front of Grobbulus.  If he blows his slime and hits more than one person, more than one Fallout Slime spawns.  While this isn’t a deal breaker, it is bad.
  2. When dropping your farts after being injected, a good rule of thumb is to go where Grobbulus WAS a few seconds ago.  The Main Tank should be leaving holes in between Grob’s farts for you to go fart in safety.

Hope this helped.  As always, comments are appreciated.  See you next week for Maexxna!


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