A 10-Man Raider’s Foray Into Ulduar

Sorry for the delay folks.  Work has been nuts the past two weeks.  I’m back now though, and ready to continue on.

Ulduar.  My 10-man guild, who has cleared Naxx but not Maly, got started a week late in Ulduar.  This past Friday we made our first trek into the raid.  How was Ulduar?  It was pretty awesome.  It’s hard, but not impossible.  I look forward to progressing through this raid.

After being told repeatedly, by someone with experience, that we absolutely WOULD NOT be able to beat Flame Leviathan, we beat him.

Contrary to some folks’ beliefs, Flame Leviathan does not require raiders to have mostly 25-man gear.  My little 10-man guild managed to down him in our mostly 10-man gear.  Sure, a couple of us have a few 25-man pieces, but the majority of us are 10-man geared only, with maybe one 25-man piece in our closet.  (I, for instance, have the valorous plate gloves.  That is my only piece of 25-man quality gear)

We wiped three times on Flame Leviathan before finally dropping him.  Apparently we were trying to do it Hard Mode instead of the easy way.  When we finally shot a couple people on top of him we dropped him pretty easily.

After FL, we decided to go after Razorscale.  Conventional wisdom around the intertubez seems to say that XT-002 Deconstructor is easier than Razorscale, but we had someone in the raid who thought Razorscale would be easier for us.

To this point, we have not yet dropped Razorscale, but we made quality progress on each attempt.  Our first attempt was a clusterbomb of bad.  The adds overran us fairly quickly.  For some reason we had three tanks trying to tank the adds.  This was unwise.  We only needed two and the extra tank just caused confusion.

After we saw where the adds were going to spawn and what they were going to do, we quickly came up with a strategy that, for the most part, trivialized them.  Our Pally is tanking the adds, and I’m standing around waiting to pick up any that get free.

We had a rogue clicking the harpoons when they were available to bring Razorscale down.  If you’ve done Utgarde Pinnacle you’ll recognize this mechanic, except you don’t have to pick harpoons up off the ground to shoot them.  You just need to wait for NPCs to repair the harpoons, then they will be available.

In retrospect, we shouldn’t have had a rogue doing this job.  It completely gimps his dps and he’s a good dpser anyway.  We need him doing real damage bringing down adds.  We will be using a ranged dps class to do this in the future.

When Razorscale lands, she doesn’t need to be tanked until 50%.  Basically all dps switches to her and our pally just handles the adds when she’s on the ground.  We made definite improvement everytime.  Our last wipe occured when our RL called to bring down Razorscale just as adds were popping up.

That will not happen again.

Considering we had one evening of Ulduar this week, due to RL sitiuations, I’m pretty encouraged.  I fully expect to make serious progress & hopefully down Razorscale this weekend, when we’ll have a full three-day raid schedule ahead of us.


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