FL, Razorscale & Deconstructor Down!

The Dinner Goat raid crew made our second attempt at Ulduar last night.  We are a little behind the curve because of RL obligations.  Since Ulduar came out, this is our second time stepping into the instance.

I was cautiously optimistic about downing Razorscale tonight.  We had 3 hours to play & we had previously taken him down to 60%.

We started the evening the only way you can, with Flame Leviathan.  Unfortunately we forgot how the fight started, so we didn’t back up when he first came barreling out of the gates.  He was owning house in a hurry so we wiped on our first attempt.  On what I consider our first REAL attempt, we owned his face.

Ironsoul dropped, which made me happy.  We had two Protection Warriors & a Retribution Paladin whose main spec happens to be Protection.  Under our loot rules, none of us can roll for it as main spec, but if no one needs it for main spec we can all roll for offspec.  Unfortunately for me, but fortunate for him, the Paladin won the roll.  Grats to Jamason!

Firesoul dropped and went to the only person in the raid that could use it.  Our Mage.  Grats Lunityc!

So off we go, merrily making our way to Razorscale.  As I said before, I was cautiously optimstic about this fight.  We improved on each previous attempt and had a good window of time to down him tonight.

After a couple of failboat attempts at keeping the adds in check, we decided to switch our raid composition up a bit.  We started the night with two Prot Warriors, a Ret Pally, a Rogue, a Hunter, a Mage, a Shadow Priest, a Discipline Priest a Discipline/Holy Priest & a Restoration Shaman.

Two Warriors picking up adds is doable, but not ideal.  So we had our other Prot Warrior switch to his DPS Death Knight and our Ret Pally respecced to Prot.  This worked MUCH better.  Pallies are just OP at picking up adds.  We got Razorscale to 50% on the third landing and then proceeded to own his face.

Razorscale dropped this beauty, the Stormtempered Girdle, for our tanks, and yours truly was the winner.  Nice upgrade over my old Naxxramas belt.

She also dropped Razorscale Talon for our Rogue.  I think he wet himself a little.  Grats Fandark.

After taking a screenie on Razorscale, which I don’t happen to have with me at the moment, we decided to go see what XT-002 Deconstructor was doing.  Apparently the answer to this question is “Calisthenics”.  You have to see and hear this guy to really understand, but his movements prior to the fight and his voice during the fight are a load of fun.

XT was and interesting fight.  Well, I assume it was.  For the Main Tank, it’s pretty boring and straight forward.  Stand still.  Hold Aggro.  Don’t die.  We wiped a few times learning the fight, but we made serious progress each time.  We got him to 8% on one attempt, but we had one dps left at the time, so we hit his enrage timer.

On our successful attempt, we probably had the funniest situation of the night.  Fandark, our Rogue, has a chopper.  So we decided to sidecar pull.  We get buffed, I jump in his sidecar and he drives in toward XT.

I get in range, I hop out of the Chopper, Fandark drives a little too close to XT and is one-shot.  Oops.  We’ll have to work on that a little bit.

Even without one of our top dpsers, we slapped this guy and called him Susan.  Essentially 9-manning this fight, we got two achievements after downing him.  We got the one for no one dying to a bomb and we got one for none of his repair-bots reaching him.

XT dropped the Power Enhancing Loop, which our Deathknight Vio won.  Grats Vio!  He also dropped a piece of crap Druid gear which got sharded.

I was so very proud of our group.  We had hit the end of our raiding time, so we called it at that point.  Unfortunately, that’s going to be it for the week, but when we go back in next week I fully intend to drop another boss.  Not sure if we are going to go after Ignis or Kologarn, but either way…you are on notice!

I have to make a special note here.  I’ve been told that our Raid Group does not have the gear to make it in Ulduar.  We’ve only completed 10-man Naxxramas for the most part.  Well dear naysayers, suck it.  Three bosses down in about 5 and a half hours of playing.  I know we aren’t hardcore elite like Ensidia, but that’s dang good in my book.


3 Responses to “FL, Razorscale & Deconstructor Down!”

  1. Congratulations!!

  2. Hmm not really sure what happened here. I had actually typed out a few more sentences to comment on this post.

    Basically, what I said was My guild has attempted Razorscale, got him down to about 60% and has had XT down to about 55%. That is all we have done in Ulduar, but we have killed Flame Leviathan twice.

    I am jealous you guys sound like you are rocking it.

  3. If you want to see how your gear stacks up against ours, check out our Armory. We are Dinner Goat of the Malygos server.

    We are a 10-man raiding guild. We have the stray piece of 25-man gear here and there, but most of us are primarily 10-man geared. For instance, I have one piece of 25-man gear I got from a Heroic VoA run. My wife, on the other hand, has no pieces of 25-man gear.

    I think my next Tank Fight of the Week is going to be Razorscale, so you might want to check that out.

    Here’s the short version though.

    A Pally or DK for adds is invaluable. Their snap AOE aggro is better, by far, than anything a warrior or druid can put out. (Tears well up as I say that)

    Our Pally was on adds, I basically picked up strays and brought them back to the pally so AOE could knock em out. Our hunter was shooting spears at Razorscale and when she fell we brought the adds in front of her so her breath would do some damage.

    Your DPS has to go balls to the wall, because I believe you have to get her down in 3 landings or you won’t beat her enrage. Use cooldowns sooner rather than later.

    If you can stay out of the fire, you’ve got a tanking squad that can pick up and hold adds & 2000+ dpsers, you too can beat this fight.

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