Tell Me About Yourself!

I check my blog stats every now and then to see how many visitors I’m getting each day.  Sometimes it’s up….and sometimes it’s down.  I don’t claim to get many visitors, I consider 15 visitors a good day.

Here’s the thing, no one is telling me what they are doing here.  Where did you come from?  What do you think?  Why did you end up here?


As you can see, today I’ve had 31 visitors.  I have no clue why, but today I did.  Please, dear visitors, tell me why you are here!


5 Responses to “Tell Me About Yourself!”

  1. I was using the tag surfing feature of WordPress and saw your post pop up. Since I also blog, I make it a poitn to visit the blogs that post things I am interested in, I know it helps motivate me to write interesting things for people to come read.

    You writing about Ulduar is what caught my attention.

    Anyway, I like your site, I pretty much peruse these sites daily looking for interesting things to read. Except on weekends. I am not at work on weekends. 🙂

  2. Hey,.. I dont have a lot to do at work .. so i read a lot of news about WoW during the day. i first found your site because of a post you had about grobulus. i’m a ret pally.. love the blog name..

  3. Found your site through another WoW related site. I am a human prot warrior on feathermoon. My toons name is Paleteal. Currently, I have cleared Ulduar 10 up to General Vezax, so if you need any advice/suggestions for boss fights just let me know

  4. Hi,

    I came here after finding your link in the WoW sub-forum. I currently have a lvl66 Paladin that is Ret specced for leveling purposes, but I am very interested in Tanking. Maybe even dual spec Tank/Holy.

    Any tips or articles you could do on paladins would be great!!

    Good reading here regardless. 🙂

  5. I just clicked on the randomly generated links that are “possibly related” to my post. In fact, this is the first time I have ever clicked on one of those links, and here I am. It’s funny – I posted the exact same question to my readers just tonight.

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