Tank Fight of the Week: Razorscale

In this installment of Tank Fight of the Week,  we’ll be talking about the Razorscale fight in Ulduar.

Razorscale is the one of three potential second bosses in Ulduar.  The first boss you fight will be Flame Leviathan, who is a blast, but doesn’t really involve tanking in the traditional sense.

Most people call this a 2-phase fight, but I consider it a 3-phase fight, because the two ground-phases are very different.

Phase 1, In The Air Tonight.

When you approach Razorscale, you don’t have to worry about unintentionally starting the encounter, unless of course someone talks to an Expedition Commander to start it.

When you start the encounter, Razorscale will be flying around in the air shooting Fireballs, dealing around 12,000 damage, at people and casting Devouring Flame.  Devouring Flame is a ground based AOE that you should STAY OUT OF!  It’s a blue fire.  If you are in the blue fire, move.  Tunnelers are going to pop out of the ground and adds are going to come shooting out.

Even though this will never be the tanks’ job, it’s good to know what’s going on.  As the encounter progresses harpoons become available to fire.  When two of them are fired at Razorscale she drops to the ground.  I’ll get to what to do at this point in a moment.

Set your group up inside the circle that’s been burnt into the ground.  Have an add tank (A Pally or DK help immensely here) set up shop near where the tunnelers are going to be popping.  Their job will be to pick up adds.  Your DPS will be aoe’ing the adds down.

Your other tank (this is usually me) will need to be hanging out waiting to make sure no adds get loose.  If they do, grab them and take them back to the add tank.  If they don’t, join in on the killing of the adds.  As a Warrior tank, you will want to keep Heroic Throw & your Taunt available at this time.  If an add comes off your add tank, you want to be able to peel it off the dps in a hurry.  Warbringer is nice here as well.

Three kinds of adds will pop out of the tunnelers.  Dark Rune Watchers, Dark Rune Sentinals and Dark Rune Guardians.  The Watchers cast a nasty chain lightning and should be interupted and killed as soon as possibl.e  The Sentinals do a nasty whirlwind and melee dps needs to get out of dodge during the WW and they need to be killed second.  The Guardiands need to be mopped up last.

As the harpoons I mentioned earlier become available, someone (preferably a ranged dpser) will be shooting them at Razorscale.  When she is shot twice, she will drop to the ground in the spot shown on my lovely illustration.


Phase 2, Stunned!

When Razorscale drops, all dps needs to go to her.  I usually have two or three adds on me at this point.  I pull them around to the front of Razorscale.  Razorscale DOES NOT need to be tanked at this time.  She’s stunned.  If you don’t have adds on you, stay behind her.  At the end of her stun phase, she will blow a Flame Breath that will damage anything in front of her, including the adds.  This is why I pull the adds around to the front of her.  I can live through it, and so can they, but it’s damage my dps doesn’t have to do.

She will also use an ability called Wing Buffet which knocks everyone back that’s within 35 yards of Razorscale.  Then she’ll take off again and the add phase will continue.

These phases will continue until you get Razorscale to 50%, at which point she will become permanently grounded.

Phase 3, Grounded For Life.

Now that Razorscale is permanently grounded, adds will stop spawning, but you will have to continue to deal with the adds that have spawned to this point.

When permanently grounded, Razorscale has some additional abilities as well as the Devouring Flame.

She will now:

  • Flame Buffet, which increases fire damage taken 1500 and stacks up to 99 times.
  • Fuse Armor, which reduces Armor, Attack Speed & Movement speed and stacks up to 5 times.

You will want two tanks here so they can taunt Razorscale back and forth when they get two stacks of Fuse Armor on them.  You will also want to strafe back and forth to avoid any Devouring Flames she might drop on top of you.

This is the easy part, in my opinion getting her to 50% is definitely the harder part of this fight.

That’s Razorscale, good luck and enjoy your epics!


2 Responses to “Tank Fight of the Week: Razorscale”

  1. That illustration is amazing.

  2. Thanks, I consider myself something of an artist. Feel free to use it, I won’t charge.

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