No News on the Kologarn Front

A quick shot today, since I did promise news of our downing of Kologarn.

Short version:  We downed XT-002 in one attempt, but we failed on Kologarn.

Long version:  We got started about 45 minutes late.  We had a 3 hour raid night planned, so that cut it to about 2 hours and 15 minutes.  The reason for being late was one of our dps’ cable had gone out.  All of our normal DPS are typically packed together, but he is a consistently strong dps, so it is never good to lose that.

We did end up picking up a rogue that did very good dps, so I can’t really blame him.  After we finally got started, we went into XT-002 who had been a jerk the night before.  We one-shot him, as we usually do when bosses give us trouble.  We go back the next night and own their face.

The main difference between this attempt and our failures before was our Off-Tank.  He started tanking before as Retribution.  I didn’t know that was the case, I found out after the fact.  When asked to go Protection, he decided he’d rather bring an undergeared Druid to Off-Tank instead.  Did he cause our wipes on the previous night?  I can’t say one way or the other, but he certainly didn’t help matters.

We got our normal guy back though, and he rocked XT’s adds.  Way to go Jamason.

After downing XT, we head to Kologarn.  At first, it just wasn’t looking good.  Our first few attempts stagnated at about 50-60%.  However, we gradually started whittling him down a little more each time.  We got him to 5% and 1% on two attempts.  I am happy to say, I did not fail to hit a cooldown on the 1% wipe.

I am pretty sure we would have taken him out, but the end of the scheduled raid was rapidly approaching and one of our healers had to go to work.  Thus, our Monday night raid ended in failure, but we learned a lot and we made a TON of progress.  We will get him this week, and I’m looking forward to it.


One Response to “No News on the Kologarn Front”

  1. Fandark Says:

    We’ll get his ass.

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