No Tank Fight This Week

So I’m sitting here thinking to myself, “Self, what fight are we going to talk about this week?”  I have to be honest, nothing was springing forth into my mind.

Sure, there are lots of bosses in Naxxramas that I haven’t done a Tank Fight for, but I’m probably about as tired of talking about Naxx as you are of hearing about it.  I want to talk about Ulduar bosses!

Here’s the rub.  I’ve only tanked 3 Ulduar bosses.  I’ve tanked Razorscale, which I described last week.  I’ve tanked XT-002 Deconstructor, which is honestly a piece of cake fight to Main Tank.  I’ve tanked Kologarn, but unsuccessfully.  Personally, I feel that I should at least down a boss before I do a Tank Fight of the Week for it.

On that note, I hope to do a Tank Fight of the Week: Kologarn on Monday.  I have every confidence we will down him this weekend.  Until that point, however, I’ll leave it up to my readers.

What Naxxramas fights are you still having trouble with?  There are new 80s every day, and new people going into Naxx to gear up for Ulduar.  Are there any fights you are trying to tank, but just having trouble getting over the hump?  Let me know, and I’ll do my best to provide a description of the fight that will help you succeed.


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