I’m happy to announce, the Dinner Goat raiding crew brought down Kologarn last night.  I was very impressed with our group.

We one-shot Flame Leviathan & XT-002 and downed Razorscale on our second attempt.  We had an “oh crap” moment with 2 tunnelers popping right as we forced her to land.  Our inability to get the adds under control wiped us.

I’m not sure how many attempts it took us to get Kologarn down.  Probably five or six, but I don’t remember the exact numbers.  We had some Random Number Generator (RNG) disasters and we had some RNG blessings I think.

I feel very confident on FL, Razorscale & XT-002.  Unless something very bad and/or unlucky happens, we are going to one-shot these guys from this point on.  Kologarn, however, is a different matter.  If we get very lucky, we’ll be able to drop him.  If we are unlucky, we will struggle mightily.

That’s the nature of this fight, in my opinion.  We have three healers.  If one healer gets eye-beamed and is running for their life while another healer is gripped and the raid gets Shockwaved, bad things tend to happen.

What the heck am I talking about?

Kologarn has an ability where he shoots an eye beam at random raid members.  When he does this, they have to get the heck out of dodge or they will die.  While they may have some instants to cast while moving, they are still losing a lot of their spellcasting arsonal.  He also has a Shockwave ability where he damages the entire raid.  Let’s not forget the Stone Grip, where he grabs someone, incapacitating them and dealing damage to them every second until his arm takes 100k damage.

This scenario played out multiple times on us.  Our Resto Shaman was running from an eye beam, our Holy Priest was Stone Gripped while the raid got Shockwaved.  That left us with our Discipline Priest trying to keep me up while our Shaman was trying to heal the raid on the run.

If we were uber geared in 25-man gear, we could probably push through “oh crap” situations like that.  We aren’t.  We are 10-man geared, for the most part.  Which means it’s going to take a lot of luck to get through a bad situation like that one.

We did it though, and I’m very proud of our group.

I came away with two pieces of loot for the evening.

The Power Enhancing Loop for my DPS set and the Fervor of the Protectorate for my tanking set.

The Fervor is interesting, because it has no Defense on it.  However, I just happened to have enough of a Defense cushion to be able to equip it.  I’m not exactly sure how the lack of Defense makes it compare to the Chained Military Gorget, but it has a very slight edge in Avoidance, more Stamina, more Strength, more Armor and gives some Expertise.  I consider it an upgrade, as long as I can wear it.

We also saw the Flamewatch Armguards drop, but the other tank outrolled me.  Grats Jamason!

I intend to do a Tank Fight of the Week: Kologarn this week, complete with my usual illustrations.  You may want to stay tuned for that.

On a side note.  In a previous post I asked for suggestions on good Shaman Blogs.  I also tweeted that request.  Now I’ve got Real Life Shaman following me on twitter.  /sigh  I’m not interested in RL Shamanism.  Just the WoW variety.


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