Absolutely Amazing Forum Pwnage

Zarhym, a Blizzard poster on the offical forums absolutely rofflestomped a troll on the forums.  You HAVE to check this post out.

The Original Poster made a post about how raiding is too easy and Ulduar was beaten too quickly.  Zarhym basically pwned him.  Check it out.

For those that can’t access the WoW forums, I’ll quote the OP’s posts & Zarhym’s post, but if you can’t make it over there go check out the merry making at the OP’s expense.

Shadowlegacy of to death or glory on the Drenden Server said:

“Please, someone make a raid that is challenging and not able to be beat within a week. Take the new raid Ulduar for example. People had killed Yogg’sarron within a week / week 1/2. make something challenging like AQ40 or Naxx40 where it used to take weeks of praticing and trying before you killed c’thun or kel’thuzad. Or at least make a bugged boss so that people couldn’t beat it to slow progression.

Piece, Shadowlegacy
Edit: Fixed some spelling/grammer mistakes”

Zarhym, Blizzard Poster said:

“Is it any surprise you have no Ulduar achievements on any character on this account, Shadow? It seems the true challenge you seek is successfully posting a thought of your own on the matter.”



2 Responses to “Absolutely Amazing Forum Pwnage”

  1. Did you happen to read the blue post on page 2? It really punctuates the whole thread.

  2. I saw that. This kind of reaction only makes me wish they’d do this to trolls even more.

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