Tank Fight of the Week: Kologarn

*EDIT* Tank switching is no longer necessary on Kologarn.  Kologarn has been nerfed so that 2 stacks of the debuff are never on the tank.  We’ve changed our strategy to reflect this nerf.  Jamason, our Paladin tank, tanks Kologarn the entire time.  I dps and when the right arm dies I pick up the adds.  After the adds are down I go back to dpsing.  It has really become a simple fight.  *END EDIT*

Kologarn is the first boss my group encountered after entering the Antechamber of Ulduar.  You’ll have three packs of trash and two optional trash guys between the teleporter and Kologarn.

When you get into Kologarn’s room, he’ll rise up and say hello.  He won’t aggro unless you go too far in, so don’t be alarmed when he pops up.

Things everyone should know about Kologarn!

  1. His right and your right are not the same!  Make sure everyone knows which arm they should be targeting.
  2. The eyebeam hurts.  Run away from it.

Kologarn’s Abilities

  • Kologarn

    1. Focused Eyebeam – Two of those will be cast simultaneously, each inflicting around 3k damage, and following their targets.
    2. Overhead Smash – Inflicts physical damage and applies stacking Crunch Armor, which reduces the target’s armor by 25% for 45 seconds.
    3. One-Armed Overhead Smash – Inflicts less Physical damage than the normal one, but still applying stackable Crunch Armor, which reduces the target’s armor by 25%. Cast if one of Kologarn’s Arms is dead.
    4. Stone Shout – Channeled raid-wide Stone Shout, which inflicts around 1k damage. Cast if both of Kologarn’s Arms are dead.
    5. Petrifying Breath – Inflicts around 15k damage every 1 second, and applies Brittle Skin, which increases damage taken by 20% for 8 seconds. Cast if there are no targets in melee range.  This is where you wipe.
  • Right Arm

    1. Stone Grip – Grabs a target, incapacitating them and inflicting around 4k damage every 1 second, until 100k damage is dealt to the arm.
    2. Death – Killing the Right Arm decreases Kologarn’s health by 15% for 15-30 seconds, until the Arm respawns. It also spawns 4 Rubbles, that cast Stone Nova which inflicts around 8k damage to targets within 10 yards of the caster, increasing damage taken by 5% for 10 sec.  Rubbles are stunnable.
  • Left Arm

    1. Shockwave – Inflicts around 10k damage to the whole raid.
    2. Death – Killing the Right Arm decreases Kologarn’s health by 15% for 15-30 seconds, until the Arm respawns. It also spawns 4 Rubbles, that cast Stone Nova, which inflicts around 8k damage to targets within 10 yards of the caster, increasing damage taken by 5% for 10 sec. Rubbles are stunnable.


Tanking Kologarn

First thing’s first, Kologarn hits like a truck.  We’ve spent two nights attempting Kologarn.  The first night we got him to 5% & 1%.  The second night, we came back in and he was killing me within 30 seconds.  We still don’t know what the difference was, but I know how I overcame it.

Veneretio of Tankingtips.com wrote an article about Double Potting.  Check out Are You Double Potting for more information, but that’s basically what helped us down Kologarn.

Before the fight starts, pop an Indestructible Potion.  This will allow to you either pop another Indestructible Potion after two minutes, or use a Heal Potion after one minute.  This will increase your armor by 3500 for two minutes.  The difference was noticeable.

You will also need your cooldowns.  I start the fight with Shield Block active.  I made frequent use of Enraged Regeneration, trinkets, Last Stand & Shield Wall.  Don’t forget to keep Demoralizing Shout, Commanding Shout & Thunderclap active if you are the only warrior.

We start with me (Warrior) on Kologarn to start and everyone else, including the offtank, dpsing Kologarn’s Right arm.  Our strategy was to kill the Right Arm, when it died switch dps to adds then to Kologarn until the Right Arm respawned, at which point dps went back to the Arm.  We completely ignored the Left Arm.

When the Arm dies, adds pop (see illustration).  This is the point at which the offtank (Paladin) and I switched places and I picked up the adds while he kept Kologarn busy.

Our reasoning for this was twofold.  First, if one tank stays on Kologarn too long he gets increasing stacks of Crunch Armor.  Switching at the points we switched actually allowed us to keep two or fewer stacks of the debuff on us.  The second reason for me picking up the adds is Shockwave.  I can stun the adds while they get burnt down.

When the adds are down, I help DPS Kologarn until the right arm comes back up.  At which point I taunt Kologarn, the Paladin goes back to dpsing the arm and everything rinses and repeats.

The hardest part, in my opinion, of the Kologarn fight is that your healers will need to heal proactively, rather than reactively.  They can’t wait for damage, they will have to anticipate damage.

The two tanks will also need to make sure they can switch when one gets two stacks of Crunch Armor.  Most of the time, our timing on our dps allowed us to switch before two stacks had been applied.  However, there was at least one incedence of the Paladin getting two stacks on him before we had the adds down.  I still picked up Kologarn, because I’d rather tank Kologarn and adds with one or no stacks of Crunch Armor than tank him with no adds but two stacks of Crunch.

The thing I might try differently next time is instead of stacking my cooldowns (Both Trinkets, Shield Wall & Last Stand), I might chain them so I have less survivability for a longer amount of time.

Overall, I found this to be a fun fight.  I don’t think we have it down, by any means.  It will take some luck or multiple tries to get him the next time we face him.  We are improving though, and we look forward to seeing the next boss.


2 Responses to “Tank Fight of the Week: Kologarn”

  1. Oldobelix Says:

    Thanks for the Potion hint. Going to try this tonight. We had him down to 0.7 !!!! per cent yesterday on 25man. After our 16th wipe we called it. He’s a really realy bad guy on heroic, especially when he grips 2 or even 3 of the healers.

  2. Yeah, I haven’t done this fight on 25-man, and I don’t figure I will. This fight became a cakewalk on 10-man with the debuff nerf.

    If you guys got him to 0.7% you will get him. Little things like the potion idea can make a huge difference. For instance, not only can a tank do that, but a dps could pop a haste potion right before the pull. You don’t get quite the same uptime as the armor potion, but I imagine if your dps had been hasted for even 5 seconds at the beginning of the fight that 0.7 would have been 0.0.

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