A Change of Pace

The wife and I have been leveling our hunters, Calduin and Frona lately.  Calduin (me) is a level 70 Night Elf Beastmaster Hunter and Frona is a level 71 Dwarven Marksmanship Hunter.  Yes folks, the elusive Dwarven female does exist, and the way her pigtails spin when she casts really gets me going.

When we restarted leveling these two, Calduin was 69 and Frona was 70, so we have gained a level and we are both on the verge of leveling again.

My thoughts:

Beastmastery is fun, as long as you enjoy the pet aspect of the class.  If you are looking for more of an archery focus, go to one of the other specs.  From what I’ve been able to gather, the priority system for BM is Serpent Sting > Arcane Shot > Steady shot.  Of course you have the ability to go Big Red (insert animal type here) with Bestial Wrath and Kill Command, but overall, the archery aspect of Beastmastery is not all that intriguing.

What I do enjoy about the spec is, quite honestly, something I never thought I’d enjoy, the pets.  I have two pets right now, a Cat named Hobbes and a Turtle named Sherman.  First things first, yes, I’m a fan of the comic strip and Calduin & Hobbes is REALLY close.  Secondly, Sherman the Turtle is a tank.  Get it?  Sherman Tank?  Yeah, I don’t know how original my names are, but I do put some thought into them.

The reason I didn’t think I’d enjoy the pet aspect all that much stems from my D&D days.  I loved playing Rangers, but I preferred a dual-wielding stalker to an arrow popping animal lover.  Whenever I played rangers, I completely ignored the pet aspect of the class.  In WoW of course, I can’t COMPLETELY ignore the pet aspect nor can I even slightly ignore the archery aspect, unless I want to be a complete Huntard.

My lack of interest in pets and my interest in pvp led me to level from 1 – 62ish as Marksmanship.  Around 62, I decided to try something different.  During the BC era, Survival wasn’t too popular, so BM was the my obvious route.  I spent from 62 – 67 as BM, not really learning much because I never really grouped.

At 67, Wrath came out.  With free respecs I decided to try Survival.  I definitely enjoyed the playstyle of Survival, especially if I’m grouped with a tank.  The downside of Survival for leveling purposes, was that my pet couldn’t hold aggro off of me for anything.  I spent 67 and most of 68 as Survival, then 3.1 came out with another free respec.

That brings me to the here and now.  I’m back as BM and it’s working pretty well for me.  Sherman holds aggro like a pro and I’m killing stuff without TOO much difficulty.  I still have Hobbes for when I group though.

So here I am, sitting one bubble from 71 with Sherman and Hobbes ready for action.  I am a Beastmaster and I have taken the Beastmastery talent, so I’m on the lookout for an exotic pet that interests me.  So far, however, none have.  I am interested in the Spirit Beast, but who knows when I’ll be able to tame him.

At 80, I’m sure the wife will remain Marksman, but what about me?  I think dual-spec is in Calduin’s future.  A Beastmaster spec, because I love seeing a giant red turtle chasing mobs around, and a Survival spec, because I love blowing the crap out of mobs.

Thanks for bearing with me.  No Tank Fight of the Week this week for a couple of reasons.  1) I haven’t progressed farther than Kologarn.  2) There are no interesting tank fights I’ve completed inUlduar that I haven’t covered yet.


4 Responses to “A Change of Pace”

  1. My first and foremost love for the hunter class is the BM tree. It broke my heart when BM was broken to the point It could not be used well in raids.

    I tried SV for a bit but really felt clunky when doing it, I went to MM, and it works for me. When I have 1K gold to throw around, I will probably DS, but I am in no hurry. I still wish I could raid as BM.

  2. In BC, I was forced into a MM spec to raid, and even though I was pissed, I actually REALLY enjoyed it. After WotLK, MM was nutsacks, and I copied a BM spec, which was good; my pet ate things while I afk’d and made sandwiches. The DPS just wasn’t very good, though, so I switched to survival and WEWT. I don’t understand why it works so good (I only had about 3 minutes to read the abilities), but it totally does. I think that I am going to make it my main spec from now on.

  3. @smart001 I’ve seen a BM Hunter do very competitive DPS in raids. Of course, with the coming of Dual-Spec he’s been raiding as Survival, but he did do very good dps as BM. Depending on the raid you are in, I am fully convinced you could raid as BM. At least, if you were in our raid, you’d be able to raid as BM. As long as you were competitive and not bottoming out the charts, which any hunter spec wouldn’t be doing.

    @Laura Bea loves MM. She really loves silencing shotting casters on pulls to get them to the tank. I’m not sure why it thrills her so much, but she digs it. If I had to guess, I’d guess that silencing shot is one of her favorite aspects of being a hunter. Personally, trapping is one of my favorite aspects of being a hunter. Being able to chain trap and keep a mob CC’d throughout a fight is a point of pride for me. If you really want to see what MM can do, check out http://mmnassira.com/ I like that blog a lot, and got a lot of information for Bea’s specs from it.

  4. I am glad you responded, it made this comment pop up in my “My Comments” section. After I made the “I wish I could still raid as BM” comment, I realized that I could still raid as BM and not bottom out the charts, and I probably will on the next naxx to see how it goes. I do love BM, but now I am so used to MM I would probably forget to go all red and crazy. But meh…we will see what happens.

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