Another one bites the dust

The Dinner Goat crew had what I would consider an acceptable raid weekend this weekend.  We didn’t get the three days in Ulduar we’ve been shooting for, but we did get two!

As has become the norm, we flew threw Flame Leviathan and his trash.  We had a crazy time on Razorscale.  We one-shot him, but it was awkward and ugly.  Our first tank went down after she landed.  I picked her up easily enough, but soon had five stacks of fuse armor on me, which not only immobilized me, but also dropped my aggro.

She ran rampant throughout the raid until our DPS Death Knight could grab her and tank her for a bit.  Luckily enough, as soon as he died, my fuse armor wore off and I got her back.  Me, all three healers and a rogue finished her off.

We wiped once on XT due to a Gravity Bomb in the middle of the raid, but we came back and dropped him the second try.

After XT, we had do decide whether to go back for Ignis or onward to Kologarn.  We chose Kologarn, and we wiped the place with him.  Kologarn is fairly simple now that the tanks don’t have to switch on 10-man.  I managed to snag Stoneguard, which is a pretty pimp sword, even if it doesn’t have Defense on it.

After Kologarn, we slammed our faces into Auriaya until the end of the first raid night.  That pull is hard without a hunter.

On our second day of raiding, we didn’t have enough people to do 10-man Ulduar, so we used ourselves as the core of a 25-man Naxx instead.  I picked up both the Breastplate of Tormented Rage and the Cloak of the Shadowed Sun off of Heigan.  I rolled a 95 on my Tier Shoulders, but someone else rolled a 100.  /frown

With the Emblems of Valor I had acquired, I picked up the Signet of the Impregnable Fortress.  We called it a day after killing Gluth.  We just ran out of time.  We had cleared Spider, Plague & Abomination up to Gluth.

On our third raid night, we went back into Ulduar.  Our first attempt of the day on Auriaya went very well.  We had the pull under control and got her to 40%.  The next few attempts went very poorly.  She killed us pretty much immediately.  Finally, we got the pull down, got her under control and went the distance.  Shieldwall of the Breaker dropped and I won.  If you haven’t seen this shield, it basically looks like I tore her head off and am carrying it around with me.  It was also a nice upgrade over Crygil’s Discarded Plate Panel.

Typically I would have had to pass the shield to the other tank, since I already won the sword.  However, he had already won the Stormtempered Girdle, so we both had a shot.  He rolled an 85, I rolled an 86.  I think I can still hear him crying.

After Auriaya, we started down Hodir’s corridor.  We had a few trash pulls that were inconvenient, but we made it to the big guy.  He took our cookies, crumbled them up and dropped them on the floor in front of us.  It was seriously not a good experience.  We are tenacious, however, and we will get him.  Eventually.

Overall, this was an excellent loot weekend for Randul the Dwarf.  We plan to go back into Naxx25 tonight if it hasn’t been completed by puggers.  I’ll be throwing a Tank Fight of the Week: Auriaya down for you on Friday.  Don’t miss it.


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  1. Wow, gratz on the lootz and the bosses downed.

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