Big Weekend, in Game and Out

I had quite the hectic weekend this week.  I missed my Friday night raid night because I had to go to the Relay For Life.  If you don’t know what that is, check it out here.  I am a Relay Team Captain and a County Committee member, so I had to go for a while at least.  I usually spend the night, but being that my wife is 9 months pregnant, I decided to go home.

I did get to raid on Saturday and Sunday though.  On Saturday, we finally downed Malygos and after a quick trip to Caverns of Time: Culling of Stratholme, I was Champion of the Frozen Wastes.  (and the proud owner of a Bronze Drake)

On Sunday evening we spent two hours wiping on Hodir.  Our best attempt was 69%.  While I would normally laugh at the innuendo there, I didn’t find much funny about it at the time.

We finally gave up on Hodir and went to VoA to do Emalon.  We should not have trouble with this, but I think some of our raiders’ brains had melted by this point, because we wiped twice at less than 10%.  We had the dps to drop the adds, we had dropped the adds many times in that fight.  How did the add drop this time?  I have no proof, or even an idea who, but I’m pretty sure someone got all tunnel-visioned when they saw Emalon get low and they either didn’t switch or didn’t switch fast enough.

We finally just went for Archavon and got free loot.  I hope we can go back to Emalon tonight, but that’s kind of at the mercy to the pvp crowd.


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