Sons of Hodir, Exalted

I finally reached Exalted reputation with the Sons of Hodir.  Yes, I know how pathetic it is for my main to only be reaching Exalted now, but I was busy.

The first thing I did was buy one of tank shoulder enchants and two of the dps shoulder enchants.  I contemplated buying a Mammoth, but decided the 800 gold price tag was a little too high at this point.

Now if only Hodir will stop stomping my raid like a bunch of ants, that Exalted status will be worth every second of time spent.

Next on the list, get that Argent Hippogryph.  That’s an easy one, I’ll have it tomorrow night, unless I get lucky with 2 extra Seals in my loot bags tonight.  After I get my Hippogryph, it’s back to Outland for some fun with the Sha’tari Skyguard.  I’ll probably keep going with my Argent Dailies as well, they seem to be good money and I wouldn’t mind having some of the other mounts and pets.

On a non-wow related note, my baby boy is scheduled for delivery on June 22.    I imagine posts will be scarce that week, but if I do get some time I’ll try to throw something on here.  Probably about him.


3 Responses to “Sons of Hodir, Exalted”

  1. Ha, I am still not exalted with those punks.

    Been spending too much time on the lock. Hunter gets some Ulduar love tonight though.

  2. Lol, and I meant to tell you pre-gratz on the baby boy. Have fun and good luck. GL to your wife too.

  3. Thank you thank you. I would guess my playtime will decrease, but I still intend to play and write about the game. Looking forward to the new experiences.

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