The Hippogryph is Mine!

Note: I will not be doing the Tank Fight of the Week: Auriaya I had wanted to do this week.  I’ve only tanked her successfully once and don’t feel I have the experience to do a guide yet.  I’ll be tanking her again tonight, so next week I hope to have that one up.

Last night I FINALLY obtained the Argent Hippogryph.  5 days to get to the Champion level plus 28 days to get the 140 Champion Seals I needed to add to the 10 I got for becoming a champion brings me to 33 days of Argent Dailies to get that stinking mount!

That’s a lot and, to be quite honest, I’m tired of jousting.  The good news is, my overall goal has been achieved.  I am the proud owner of an Argent Hippogryph.  The bad news?  Ol’ Derrick Brindelbeard and his buddies have five more mounts I can buy without spending a single piece of gold.  In fact, I will make money by getting those mounts.

So, at 100 Champion Seals a piece, not including extra Seals I get in my gold bags, it would only take me 100 days to get all five mounts.

I…think…not.  /depressed

There is, however, hope!  When patch 3.2 (or, the mount patch, as far as I’m concerned) comes out, I’ll be able to buy 30 mounts for 165 gold!  What does this mean to me?  It means as soon as the patch comes out, I’ll have my Albino Drake.  /happy

Sure, it will lose some of it’s luster.  Sure I didn’t work as hard to get it as Fandark did, but who cares?!?!  I’ll still have it.

So, what will I do now?  I’ll continue working on my Sha’tari Skyguard rep with Randul till I get my Nether Ray.  The wife is still doing her Argent Dailies, so I’ll probably hop on Kered to get those.  He could use the reputation with the Alliance cities.

Oh, and one more thing…GUILD FIRST ARGENT HIPPOGRYPH!  I think.


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