Thoughts and Observations

My WOW focus has shifted somewhat in the last three weeks.  As I’ve posted before, my wife recently had our first child.  As a result, long raiding sessions aren’t quite as feasable as they were before.  In turn, I’ve shifted my focus to PVP, on both my Warrior and my Death Knight.

I’ve learned a few things.

Death Knights are amazing in Battlegrounds. I’m running as an unholy pvp specced DK.  He can throw a lot of damage around at a lot of people in a hurry.  He’s quite fun to play in most any BG.

Contrary to popular belief, a DK in 2v2 Arena does not equal easy win. I’m running with my admittedly undergeared DK with my wife’s undergeared Disc. Priest.  We both have decent pve gear (her gear is great) but our pvp gear is severely lacking.  We went 1 & 9 starting out yesterday.  There were some fights we should have won, and a couple we lost due to rust, but even our win wasn’t a faceroll.

Wintergrasp is fun.  I’ve been doing WG whenever I see it coming around on my DK and my Warrior.  I’m really enjoying myself.  There are parts that really suck, like Tenacity.  The Horde almost always have around 10 stacks of Tenacity on my server.  I’m not much for the gank mentality, so I often get destroyed by souped up horde that shouldn’t even be scratching me.

PVP Dailies are fun too! At level 70, I did the pvp daily nearly every day on my warrior.  It was a good way to get honor to get my starter gear for Arena.  Turns out this is still true.  Now I’m doing the pvp daily twice each day.  Once on Randul and once on Kered.  It’s a lot of fun and I look forward to it.  I highly recommend anyone who wants to get started in pvp to start doing the pvp daily.

Lastly, I shouldn’t have bought that Black Warstrider. When Wrath was coming near, I was pvping a lot.  I had built up a lot of marks of each BG.  I decided I wanted to spend 30 of each mark to buy myself a mount.  What a waste!  I could be using those marks to turn in the quest to get more honor.  I’m sure I could have at least one more pvp item now if I had done that.

It’s good to be back.  I will definitely be posting on a regular schedule again.  As it turns out, having a baby reduces the amount of blogging time.  Not so much because I didn’t have time to blog, but because I typically blog from work and I’ve been off work for three weeks.


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