WOW Podcasts

For something a little different, I thought I’d talk about some WOW Podcasts I listen to, why I like them & where you can find them.

I drive 45 minutes one way to work.  That means I have about an hour and a half each day to fill.  How do I fill this time?  Podcasts!  I download all of these podcasts from iTunes and listen to them on my iPod in the car.  I think most of these can also be listened to live on the internet, but I never do so.

WOW Radio

I’m going to bunch a few podcasts together under the WOW Radio title since they are all on the WOW Radio website.  You can find Casually Hardcore, Blue Plz! and Octale and Hordak Versus the World on the website.

Casually Hardcore

I really love this podcast.  I think it is probably my favorite podcast, although it’s in a tight race with The Instance, which I’ll be talking about later.  What I like most about this podcast is that the hosts are fun and funny.  Gnomewise, Iolite, Gwennora, Grail and sometimes Daksa are a delight to listen to and I really enjoy their commaraderie.

They look at things from a perspective I can relate to, the time challenged WOW player.  They raid 10-man content, which is right up my alley.  The only critique I would have for this crew is that their information is sometimes not accurate.  Granted, no one is right all the time, but they do throw some innacurate stuff out there from time to time.

Casually Hardcore airs live on Sundays at 5:00 p.m. CEST

Blue Plz!

This is a podcast hosted by Total Biscuit.  TB is something of an elitist hardcore raider.  My critique would come in right there, he often looks at folks like me as if they are scrubs when they are really just time-challenged.  (I’m fairly certain that if my guild raided more than 4 – 5 hours a week we’d be a LOT farther into Ulduar right now)  I do agree with much that he says though, especially when he talks about “entitled casuals”.

I find the raiding insight on this podcast to be top notch.  I enjoy how opinionated TB is, even if I don’t always agree with him 100%.  I do tend to agree with him more than I disagree though.

Blue Plz! airs life on Fridays at 2:00 p.m. EDT.

Octale and Hordak Versus the World

I’m very sorry to say that I just learned this Podcast has been canceled.  It was a very funny podcast about general gaming and not just WOW.  You can still find archives of this podcast at

That’s it for the WOW Radio podcasts I listen to.  I used to listen to WOW Things Considered, which is hosted by Cadwallion and Duncor, but I kind of lost track of it.  I may check it out again since Octale and Hordak have called it quits.

The Instance

This podcast is probably my second favorite.  It is hosted by Scott Johnson and Randy Jordan (AKA Randy Deluxe).  These two guys are very funny and provide some interesting perspective into World of Warcraft.

Scott is what I would call the primary host, but lacks the knowledge that Randy has about WOW.  Together I think they make a great team.  As with Casually Hardcore, these guys do tend to get things wrong on occasion, but it’s not so often that I tune them out or anything.

They also have interesting guests on the show from time to time, such as Felicia Day from The Guild, Veronica Belmont from Tekzilla and Curt Schilling from the Boston Red Sox and 38 Studios.

The Instance airs live, but I’m honestly not sure that they follow a tight schedule.

The WOW Insider Podcast

This podcast is hosted by Mike Schramm, Senior Editor of and is often co-hosted by Turpster, an English guy who is absolutely hilarious.  They typically have one or two other bloggers from on the show and present a multitude of opinions and perspectives.  They give incorrect information quite a bit as well, but overall they do a good job.

My primary critique of these guys would be for Mike.  He tries to talk over his co-hosts (especially Turpster) sometimes and to be quite honest Mike, Turpster makes the show.  Turpster could go off on a raunchy tirade for the entire show and I would still listen.  I don’t have a man crush (sorry T) or anything, but the guy is very funny.

Some of the other hosts on this show that I find interesting are Michael Sacco, Matt Rossi and BRK.  Unfortunately, BRK doesn’t do the WOW thing anymore, so he probably won’t be appearing too often.  Sacco and Rossi, however, are always a welcome addition in my book.  BRK does have a non-wow blog that I read over at Brain Needed Space.

The WOW Insider Show airs live on Saturdays at 3:30 on


That’s it for the podcasts I listen to.  I’d recommend checking all of these podcasts out at least once.  They also present quite a bit of the spectrum of the WOW playerbase.  Casuals and hardcores alike are represented in my listening collection.

Host Twitters


Total Biscuit

Scott Johnson

Randy Deluxe

Mike Schramm



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