Going down with the ship

Going down with the ship is supposed to be the Captain’s job, and maybe that’s why I do it.  I consider myself a Captain when I’m in a battleground.  I’m not the most well geared, but I typically have an idea what strategy will work best and I play to win.

What is going down with the ship?  The best example I can think of is when solo-defending a node in Arathi Basin and a group of Horde (or Alliance if you are a bad guy) come to take it from you.

You have two choices at this point.  Run and live.  Stay and die.  My inspiration for this post is a Death Knight who was guarding the Farm the other day.  I was at the Lumber Mill, so I saw the whole scenario unfold.  (On a side note, I’m the one who called the incoming…not him)  He was all by himself and saw about 4 Horde coming at him.  What did he do?

He ran away.  He lived and didn’t suffer the stinging indignity of defeat.  Or did he?  We lost the Farm in fairly short order and it was essentially his fault.  Sure, we might have lost the farm anyway, but could he have held out until reinforcements arrived?  Could he have lived just long enough for someone else to come and occupy the horde until even MORE reinforcements arrived?

That’s what I was planning.  He was going to die.  There is no doubt in my mind.  I couldn’t have reached the farm quick enough to do anything other than interupt their attempt at capping that node.  That’s the point though isn’t it?  If he held them off long enough for me to get there, and then I held them off long enough for someone else to get there, we are still accumulating resources for holding that node.

That’s why I’ll ALWAYS go down with the ship.  I may not get as many kills or do as much damage or have the glory job, but people like me create wins in BGs.  We are the unsung heroes.  We defend.

When one lonely horde comes after me, I defend.  Sometimes I win, sometimes I die, but I die defending.  When two horde come after me, I defend.  When 10 Horde come after me, I defend.  On the occasions where I face overwhelming odds, but defend long enough for my reinforcements arrive and save the day?  The victory is oh so sweet.

So to all of you out there who play in BGs, I have this to say.  Defend the nodes.  Call out when enemies are incoming, and go down with the ship.  If you run, the enemy accomplishes their goal that much faster.


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