Patch 3.2 Thus Far

Well, so far, I don’t have a lot to say.  I logged in last night ready to be killed immediately.  You see, I had apparently logged out in Wintergrasp Fortress and I figured with my luck it would be Horde owned and operated.


To my surprise and delight, not only was it not Horde territory, but it was also in the middle of a battle.  I had completely forgotten about the queueing system, so I was a little surprised when a little window popped up and asked me if I wanted to join the battle.

Of course I clicked yes, as I still have a few Marks to go before I complete my pvp set, or at least that’s what I thought at the time.

As soon as I teleport out into the courtyard I see quests so I rush around to pick them up.  Southern Sabotage (sucks), Victory in Wintergrasp (yay!), No Mercy for the Merciless (yay!) and Stop the Siege (yay!).  The three latter quests are pretty easy and we were obviously going to win, so I was pretty happy.

A couple minutes later, I had hit my First Leutinant rank and we had won the battle.  No Mercy for the Merciless?  Complete!  Stop the Siege?  Complete!  Victory in Wintergrasp….well?…Incomplete!  What?!?!  I also saw some people in General chat saying they hadn’t gotten marks.  I checked and, sure enough, no marks.

Eh, chalk it up to Patch Day, but it’s still annoying.

After I turned in my quests I went to look at the vendor, thinking there might be something new on there.  Yep, new pants and something else that I can’t remember or find on wowhead.  These items are a little odd to me.  They have a higher item level, but lack crit in favor of hit.  I don’t really need anymore Hit on my pvp gear so I’ll probably be passing.


So I depart from Wintergrasp and head to Dalaran.  I want to see what, if any changes have been made to the Arena vendors.  There it is!  Deadly Gladiator set pieces have had their arena requirements reduced!  Good and bad, in my opinion.  I had nearly reached the point where I could buy them anyway, but now I can go ahead and get them and work toward the Furious stuff.

I would have been able to buy a new piece, but I’m not stupid.  I don’t buy things on Patch Day.

Things I’m looking forward to

I’m really itching to get into the new 5-man instance.  While I don’t necessarily agree with the idea of a 5-man giving better loot than a raid, I’m not going to ignore it either.  It turns out that the REGULAR 5-man has a VERY good tanking trinket, The Black Heart.

I will also be running the Heroic version for Edge of Ruin.  Finally, a farmable upgrade to the Crapsteel Destroyer.  I’ll still be looking to get my hands on Ironsoul or Stormedge, but this will definitely be a nice appetizer.

I’m also looking forward to the free respec on my DK.  Right now he’s running Unholy PVE DPS & Unholy PVP.  I’d like to mix it up a bit.  Maybe go Frost DW DPS and Unholy PVP.  Lots of decisions to make.

So there you have it, folks.  My, very incomplete, thoughts on the new patch.  Hopefully I’ll be able to dive in a little more thoroughly tonight and tomorrow and come back on Friday with a more in-depth commentary.


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