Ironsoul versus Edge of Ruin

I’ve been seeing people getting to my little corner of the blogoverse (blogosphere is so cliche) by searching for information on how the new 5-man Heroic Instance Trial of the Champion”s 2-handed axe Edge of Ruin stacks up to Ironsoul, the 2-handed mace out of Ulduar.

The short version:  Edge or Ruin is WAY better for Arms, but slightly better for Fury.

However, for those who like stats and facts, I’ll throw those down as well.

Ironsoul (iLevel 219)

  • 3.50 Speed 2-Handed Mace
  • 594 – 892 Damage
  • 212.3 Damage per Second
  • 2204 Feral Attack Power (who cares?)
  • 105 Strength
  • 126 Stamina
  • Improves Critical Strike Rating by 69 (1.50% at Level 80)
  • Increases your armor penetration rating by 84 (6.82% at Level 80)

Edge of Ruin (iLevel 213) These may not match what is on wowhead.  According to commenters on wowhead, Edge’s stats are bugged and these are the correct stats.

  • 3.50 Speed 2-handed Axe
  • 594 – 892 Damage
  • 212.3 Damage per Second
  • 121 Strength
  • 97 Stamina
  • Improves Critical Strike Rating by 62
  • Increases Armor Penetration by 76

There you have the basic stats.  So how do the two compare?

The following numbers are in a buffed environment.

The top-end damage & dps are a wash…no winner.

Edge of Ruin gains 16 STR over Ironsoul, for a total of 32 Attack Power.

Ironsoul gains 7 Crit and 8 Arpen over Edge of Ruin.

You could have looked all that up yourself though.  You want to know which one is better!  I have to give the edge to…the Edge, by a large margin.

The reason is that Axe Spec is just better than Mace Spec.  With Axe Spec & Edge of Ruin, according to Landsoul’s spreadsheet over at EJ, I’ll do 127 more DPS.  That’s a lot.  Axe Spec is just plain nasty.

For the Fury warriors out there, the difference is much less noticable.  Edge of Ruin edges ironsoul by about 5 dps.

So there you have it.  Screw Flame Leviathan, go get the Edge!


My previous statements on the stats of Edge of Ruin were based on what I was seeing on the comments of wowhead.  As it turns out, these statements WERE correct, I just wanted to show proof. The short version for those that can’t click on blizzard forum links…Edge is 219 and has been fixed, the tooltip, however, may not be at this time.


4 Responses to “Ironsoul versus Edge of Ruin”

  1. I’m glad I found this blog to add to my daily reads. I was specifically googling this exact scenario and came across this article. I’m an Orc, so the expertise bonus makes this a no-brainer. Right now I’m sporting Stormedge MH and Ironsoul OH. When I get this, I’ll probably make it MH and move Stormedge to OH. I’m still waiting for my Worldcarver to drop off Ignis though!

    I find it hard to hit Expertise cap without gemming for it if I don’t use axes, so I’m excited that I have found a good replacement for my Ironsoul (once I farm it up).

  2. I was inspired by the very fact that people like you were googling this information and getting to my site. If people google something and end up at my blog, I want to have the answers they are looking for.

    Yes, Orcish racials are something I hadn’t even considered, having never played an orc. Randul is a dwarf, so he actually gets a bonus for using the maces, but that doesn’t outweigh the sheer amount of awesome involved in the Edge of Ruin.

  3. I got this axe yesterday on my arms warrior, the armory is not updated, but it is 212.3 dps, not 203 as the armory says. Do you have any idea of the math behind using Iron soul as pve arms,(mace spec) over edge( as pole/axe spec). and if lowering my crit to 35%, down from roughly 40% would be worth the xtra arm pen?

    Great info on the blog, thanks for the posts.

  4. This is often a fantastic weblog, could you be interested in working on an interview about just how you made it? If so e-mail me personally!

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