Same Old Stuff

In my last post I said I would hopefully be coming back today with more in-depth commentary on Patch 3.2.  Unfortunately, I haven’t really done anything new and interesting.

Last night was my first night on since the patch, and my guildies wanted to do a 10-man Naxx run for emblems.  I was fine with that,  but it did prevent me from seeing any new content to talk about.  I didn’t even tank, so I can’t talk about the new rage generation!

I can say this though, the buff to Armored to the Teeth is HUGE!  Okay, so it probably isn’t.  I’m sure I did more DPS than I have in the past, but that could also be due to having picked up the tier 8.5 gloves last week.

Soo…I WILL be doing the new 5-man dungeon this weekend and I hope to do the 10-man.  I will also be doing some tanking, so I’ll be able to talk about rage generation and the nerf to dodge and the buff to parry.

All this and more, next week on Wheres Me Drink!?!?

I will leave you with this thought.  My DK Kered has been Unholy/Unholy for a while now.  A pve dps spec and a pvp spec.  I’ve decided to take advantage of the free respec and try something totally out of the box for me.

I’m going to pick up a couple 1-handers and try out a Frost Dual Wield spec.  Here is the spec.  For those that can’t follow the link it’s a 0/53/18 build.

I hope to mess around with it this weekend and let you know how it does next week.


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