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Weekend Wrap Up plus SSotW!

Posted in World of Warcraft on September 29, 2009 by Randul the Dwarf

Yes, you read it right.  I finally have a new Screen Shot of the Week!  This week’s honor goes to Kered, the Death Knight.  He’s finally managed to snag himself two Tankards O’ Terror for Dual Wielding.  Grats Kered, drink on my friend…drink on.


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That’s Onyxia? Really?

Posted in World of Warcraft with tags , , , , on September 23, 2009 by Randul the Dwarf

So, I log in last night at about 8:00 p.m. and immediately hear the someone has invited you to a group noise.  Of course, my screen hadn’t loaded yet, so they were wasting their time.  However, when I finally log in completely I say in guild, “Who invited me to a group?”.  Immediately I’m invited again.  Apparently we are raiding Onyxia.

Just to put the information out there, I never raided Onyxia when she was relevent.  The first level appropriate raid I ever did was Naxxramas, at 80.  During TBC I always felt like I would be a great raider, but it just never panned out.

So here I am, going after THE Onyxia.  I’d heard a lot about her, I’d seen the video, which I won’t like here because it’s NSFW.  If you really want to see it look up Onyxia Wipe Animation on youtube.  You’ll find it.  Anyway, I was a little nervous.  Sure, I’d killed her before, but I was 80 with 5 of my bestest buddies.  Not quite a fair fight.

You know what I learned last night?  Blizzard is dropping the ball.  I’m sorry, but no.  N.O.  Noooooooo.  This fight gives iLevel 232 stuff.  That’s on par with 10-man ToC, and Onyxia is EASY.  Seriously, if she were any easier I’d expect her to start running around that tavern in Shattrath with a little dog in her purse.

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Random Thoughts

Posted in World of Warcraft with tags , , , , , , , , , , on September 22, 2009 by Randul the Dwarf

The Tankard O’ Terror

Do I really want my Human Death Knight dual wielding a couple of beer steins?


Will he if I can get them?


I get that Blizzard loves their holidays.  I love the holidays.  They are a lot of fun and actually give people something to do other than dailies.  Having said that, who thought it would be fun to have people running around fighting with mugs?

Kered is a powerful war veteran who became a Death Knight and developed an attitude problem.  What part of that screams “Mugs of Death!”?  It’s one thing to put these items in the game.  It’s quite another to make them the best possible item for Mace Dual Wielders outside of raids.  This item is just too powerful for how easy Coren Direbrew is.  End of story. 

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go farm Direbrew to get my hands on two Tankards O’ Terror.

Okay I’m back…moving on.

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Why Death Knights are Heroic

Posted in World of Warcraft with tags , , , , , , on September 17, 2009 by Randul the Dwarf

Part 2 of Who Am I will be postponed until tomorrow, as this post came into my head last night and must be let out.

I was listening to an archived recording of the WoW Radio podcast Casually Hardcore when they started talking about how the Death Knight class is no longer a “Heroic” class.  In their opinion, a Heroic class should be more powerful than the rest of the classes.  I can’t say that I know Blizzards intent from the beginning, but I imagine this was not it.

According to the Casually Hardcore crew, DKs started out as a Heroic class because they were overpowered, but now that they are pretty well balanced, they are no longer heroic.  I disagree.  I think the Death Knight is still a Heroic class and I will tell you why.

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Who am I? Part 1

Posted in About Me with tags , , , , , , , on September 16, 2009 by Randul the Dwarf

I was thinking about what I wanted to write about today, as my goal is to put a post out every weekday.  I honestly couldn’t think of anything of value to write, so I decided to pass for the day.  Then, as I was reading a forum I frequent, a topic hit me.  As a WOW player, who am I and how did I get here?  This is part 1 in a 2 part series.

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Is “That Guy” Keeping You Down?

Posted in World of Warcraft with tags , , , , , , on September 15, 2009 by Randul the Dwarf

Disclaimer:  This story is not about MY guild, this is about a guild I happened to get pug’d into last night.  I will not say the name of the guild or the characters to protect the innocent (or more to the point, the not so innocent).

Thoughts on the bosses I fought at the end of this post.

Last night I was logged on waiting for my Arena partner to come online so we could get out 10 games in for the week when the other MT from my guild, Jamason, asked me if I wanted to tank the final two bosses in 10-man ToC.  (We like to do more than the minimum 10, but we had a busy week.)

I thought about it for a moment, seeing as I’ve never even made it past the first encounter in 10-man ToC, but decided to go for it.  I get summoned and find out it’s basically a guild run, except for the two tanks.  I found it odd that a guild would even start a 10-man with no tanks of their own, but thought I’d see how it went.

Here’s how it went.  8 out of 10 folks were pretty much on the ball the entire time.  Paid attention to what they were doing and executed properly.  The 2 out of 10 that didn’t, were a dps and a healer.

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A look back

Posted in General with tags , , , , , , on September 14, 2009 by Randul the Dwarf

I recieved an email from Yahoo! Geocities a while back informing me that the site is closing down.  I did have a Geocities page back in the day, so I went in there to look at what files I had floating around.

Here’s a look at my two main WOW characters, when they were my two main Ultima Online characters.  Someone had posted a website that you could use to design a cartoon version of your character.


This is Randul the Dwarf when he was Randall Grimm, Mace Warrior in Ultima Online.  Of course, UO didn’t have Dwarves, so I had to use my RP skills to make it work.  Randall was pretty much a walking arsonel, but not too much under his helm, if you know what I mean.  Loyal, dangerous and stupid.  That was Randall in a nutshell.  For those that know UO, he was GM Mace, Tactics, Anatomy, Healing, Parry, Resist & Hiding.


This is Kered, the Death Knight, when he was Kered De’Lartez, the Mage.  Yes, I do have a mage named Kered on a server I don’t play anymore, and this is why I have that character.  Kered was the ruler of a small tract of land in Felucca (the pvp portion of UO).  He was courteous, but arrogant.  He could destroy you and he was well aware of that fact.  Kered was in a few militant guilds that tended toward evil rather than good.  Kered was GM Magery, Evaluating Intelligence, Meditation, Wrestling, Inscription, Resist &….maybe Anatomy.   It’s been a while.

I was quite the RPer back then.  Well, actually I was probably a terrible RPer.  My RP consisted of me trying to get into fights, which I usually won.  At one point I had at least 10 folks from a certain RP guild chasing me around Skara Brae trying to kill me.  I killed them instead.  One by one.  Oh, the good old days.

So anyway, these two characters, the dimwitted but sturdy Dwarf and the arrogant but powerful Mage were the inspiration for my main characters in wow.