Getting to know…me!

As a quick little Friday post I thought I’d post the Armory of all of my characters, so you could see how I’ve progressed and what I’ve been doing.  I’ll also add some information here for those who can’t access the Armory at this time.

Randul the Dwarf (80 Dwarf Warrior)

Randul is my main character.  He is a level 80 Prot/Arms Dual-Specced Warrior.  His Arms spec is a 60/11/0 PVP/DPS spec and his Protection spec is a 5/8/58 Tanking spec.  Randul has cleared up through Hodir in 10-man Ulduar.  Randul was actually created after I made a Mage and a Hunter.  I made Randul to play with my wife’s Priest and it just clicked.

Kered (80 Human Death Knight)

Kered is what we’ll call my secondary main.  He is played nearly as much as Randul these days, if not more, but if I need to raid Randul is the go-to guy.  Kered is DW Frost DPS & Unholy Tank Dual-Specced.  His DW spec is 0/53/18 and his Tank spec is 9/8/54 (I can’t remember the exact build Armory is acting up for me).  Kered has tanked and DPS’d through Naxx10.  Kered was created just to see the DK starting area.  I transfered him to my current server when friends from my old server quit the game.  I ended up leveling him there and now he’s a big party of my gaming experience.

Daenaran (34 Draenei Shaman)

Daenaran is my primary alt.  He gets this title because Kered graduated to quasi-main status.  Daenaran is only 34, but he is my main project at this time.  Interestingly enough, he is lower than 3 of my other characters, but if I level any of them he’s the one.  He is leveling Enhancement at this time. I really want to level Dae because I would like to have a healer at endgame.  Wish me luck!

Tiamek (70 Gnome Rogue)

Tiamek used to be my secondary character right after Randul.  Kered put a stop to that.  It’s a little complicated how it turned out, but now Tiamek sits at level 70 waiting for…something.  Tiamek is an Assassination rogue, but he has basically no spec at this time.  That shows how much I’ve played him lately.  It’s sad that the main draw I have for leveling Tiamek is to get his Engineering up.

Calduin (72 Night Elf Hunter)

Calduin was on the way to becoming my next 80 after Kered, as I was leveling him in conjuction with my wife’s Hunter Frona.  However, now I am leveling Frona for her, so he is sitting around doing nothing.  He is currently a Beastmaster spec with a 51/11/0 (once again, I forgot the build) talent spread.  If I ever hit endgame with him I’ll likely dual-spec BM & Survival.  Calduin was my second Alliance character,  and actually turned into my main until Randul came along.

Kered (35 Human Mage) Different Server

Kered the Mage was my first Alliance character.  I switched from him when I created Calduin.  I never really looked back at him.  I enjoy the mage class, but as of now I don’t have the money to transfer him to my main server so there he sits.  Kered isa full Frost spec at this time.  Actually he’s untalented at this time, but if I allocated his talents he’d be Frost.

Kakascha (40 Tauran Shaman)

Kakascha was an experiment on a server a bunch of work folks play on.  Turns out I like Alliance better.  He was full Enhancement, for leveling.

Mulg (58 Tauren Death Knight)

Mulg was created during downtime on my primary server.  I talked about him a couple days ago when I talked about how awesome the DK starting area is.  I’ll play him off and on I suspect, he’s a cool character.  I level my DKs as blood.

Missing in action

I had a Paladin once, but now I can’t find him.  I also can’t even remember his name.  I think he was level 20.

Future Characters

I intend to make a Worgen Druid to see their starting area.  If my wife loves whatever character she makes I’ll probably level him until he A. hits endgame or B. hits the level my Shaman is at, at which point I’ll switch.


4 Responses to “Getting to know…me!”

  1. lol, you lost your pally? poor little thing…

    You know what I want to see? a lift to the characters allowed on a server. I think i am going to rant about that on my blog today.

  2. @Arioch, well…what do you think? Good, bad or ugly?

    @smart001, I have never had a problem with that. I’ve got some other characters I don’t have listed, but they are baby characters I could easily delete if I wanted more. A level 7 mage, a level 18 priest and a level 15 druid. Easily booted for my Worgen.

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