Engineering is REALLY Fun!

As my regular readers or anyone that read my Getting tno know…me! post should know, I am currently helping the wife by leveling her Hunter.  She’s currently level 75 and her professions are Mining & Engineering.  I try to mine any nodes I see while leveling, so I keep that fairly up to date, but the other night I decided to spend a little time leveling her Engineering.

The only thing I can say is, WOW!  I have Engineering on my Rogue, Tiamek, but I never did much with it.  As far as I was concerned the main draw of Engineering in the BC era was to get the goggles & the rofflecopter.  Well…times, they are a changin’.

I managed to level her Engineering to 450, and in that amount of time I started taking note of some of the stuff I was able to make.  Engineering has item enhancements now!  Much like Leatherworking has Fur Linings and Blacksmithing has bracer & glove sockets, Engineering can enhance items as well.

Some of the ones that really struck me as just plain cool were:

  • Hammer Pick: 375 Engineering to make.  Acts as both a Blacksmith Hammer and a Mining Pick!  Sweet, one extra bag slot.
  • Explosive Decoy:  Okay, so we already had the sheep, but this is still very cool.
  • Flexweave Underlay:  It’s got a cool use effect (slow fall) and it gives 23 Agility?!?!  Yes please!
  • Frag Belt:  Okay first, it’s called a freaking Frag Belt!  It allows you to toss bombs very 6 minutes.  Not the highest frequency, but it’s just cool!  It also stacks with the Eternal Belt Buckle.
  • Hyperspeed Accelerators: A glove enchant that offers a Haste buff on use.  Not sure how that will compare with an Attack Power enchant though.  Seems like it might actually be better for classes that love Haste.
  • Hand-Mounted Pyro Rocket:  Probably not as good as the Hyperspeed Accelerators, but way more fun.

That’s about all I’ve been able to make so far, but I’ve seen some stuff coming down the pike that looks amazingly fun and useful, such as the Mind Amplification Dish, Moll-E, Gnomish Army Knife, Wormhole Generator, Jeeves and obviously the Chopper.

All of this Engineering leveling I’ve been doing for Frona has made me want to level Tiamek, as he’s my only character with Engineering.  That’s one option, but I’m more likely to drop Skinning on my Shaman and pick up Engineering instead.  He’s still level 35, so it wouldn’t be hard to make the switch at this point.

So if you haven’t checked out Engineering lately, I suggest you do so!  It has, in my opinion, been buffed quite a bit in Wrath.


3 Responses to “Engineering is REALLY Fun!”

  1. Dude, engineering is the sexiest prof ever.

    ❤ my Wormhole Generator. And make sure you get the Mote Extractor. You can make a butt-load of cash of that thing. Oh and Nitro Boots! 5 seconds of 100% run speed? Plus a crit boost (I think it's crit) is always sexy.

  2. I did the quest to learn to make the mote extractor, but never got around to making one. I think I needed rep with consortium which I didn’t have to buy a mat. Why don’t you make one of those for me?

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