A look back

I recieved an email from Yahoo! Geocities a while back informing me that the site is closing down.  I did have a Geocities page back in the day, so I went in there to look at what files I had floating around.

Here’s a look at my two main WOW characters, when they were my two main Ultima Online characters.  Someone had posted a website that you could use to design a cartoon version of your character.


This is Randul the Dwarf when he was Randall Grimm, Mace Warrior in Ultima Online.  Of course, UO didn’t have Dwarves, so I had to use my RP skills to make it work.  Randall was pretty much a walking arsonel, but not too much under his helm, if you know what I mean.  Loyal, dangerous and stupid.  That was Randall in a nutshell.  For those that know UO, he was GM Mace, Tactics, Anatomy, Healing, Parry, Resist & Hiding.


This is Kered, the Death Knight, when he was Kered De’Lartez, the Mage.  Yes, I do have a mage named Kered on a server I don’t play anymore, and this is why I have that character.  Kered was the ruler of a small tract of land in Felucca (the pvp portion of UO).  He was courteous, but arrogant.  He could destroy you and he was well aware of that fact.  Kered was in a few militant guilds that tended toward evil rather than good.  Kered was GM Magery, Evaluating Intelligence, Meditation, Wrestling, Inscription, Resist &….maybe Anatomy.   It’s been a while.

I was quite the RPer back then.  Well, actually I was probably a terrible RPer.  My RP consisted of me trying to get into fights, which I usually won.  At one point I had at least 10 folks from a certain RP guild chasing me around Skara Brae trying to kill me.  I killed them instead.  One by one.  Oh, the good old days.

So anyway, these two characters, the dimwitted but sturdy Dwarf and the arrogant but powerful Mage were the inspiration for my main characters in wow.


One Response to “A look back”

  1. Good news! You are going to be blessed with one of my better skills of “RP Name Translation”!! I did Remington’s last name from UO and it was something like “of the all of yours” or something to that extent (I can’t remember the actual last name, or I’d just redo it).
    So! I am not doing the name Grimm, cause well, it doesn’t look like another language.
    But! De’Lartez=De Lartez= De Lar tez= (from Spanish)
    Kered of Hearth Complexion!!

    You’re welcome!

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