Is “That Guy” Keeping You Down?

Disclaimer:  This story is not about MY guild, this is about a guild I happened to get pug’d into last night.  I will not say the name of the guild or the characters to protect the innocent (or more to the point, the not so innocent).

Thoughts on the bosses I fought at the end of this post.

Last night I was logged on waiting for my Arena partner to come online so we could get out 10 games in for the week when the other MT from my guild, Jamason, asked me if I wanted to tank the final two bosses in 10-man ToC.  (We like to do more than the minimum 10, but we had a busy week.)

I thought about it for a moment, seeing as I’ve never even made it past the first encounter in 10-man ToC, but decided to go for it.  I get summoned and find out it’s basically a guild run, except for the two tanks.  I found it odd that a guild would even start a 10-man with no tanks of their own, but thought I’d see how it went.

Here’s how it went.  8 out of 10 folks were pretty much on the ball the entire time.  Paid attention to what they were doing and executed properly.  The 2 out of 10 that didn’t, were a dps and a healer.

The dps (Hunter) had abysmally low dps after the first couple attempts on the Twin Val’kyrs, but finally realized he had been attacking the wrong one.  He was using the dark buff and was attacking the dark Val’kyr.  Once he figured that out, he did great for the rest of the night.

The healer was “that guy”.  He never switched to the proper essence when he was supposed to.  He always managed to get hit by orbs of the opposite essence.  He was just, for lack of a better term, bad.  We finally dropped the twins in spite of this guy and started working on Anub’arak.

Everything went pretty well.  On the first attempt some of the folks didn’t get on ice when they were supposed to, nor did they stay off of ice when they were supposed to.  That’s to be expected on a first attempt.  (Although Jamason & I never had any trouble with it, in fact we made an excellent showing of ourselves.)

It was subsequent attempts when things started going poorly.  “That guy” died first every fight.  Unfortunately, he was the raid healer, so without him to keep raid damage down things went south pretty quickly.  He failed to be where he was supposed to be on every attempt.  I should say, in his defense, he ran through his mana so fast that he’d not have helped if he had stayed alive.

After about 5 attempts of wiping to the same stuff, I decided I was done.  My Arena partner had been for a while and was waiting, so I dropped group and went to do that.

This guild is not bad.  Most of their dps is good and the tank healers they had did an excellent job of keeping Jamason & I alive.  It was just that one guy that was causing all sorts of trouble.  It’s one thing if your “that guy” is a dps that isn’t pulling his weight.  When it’s a raid healer that has to keep the raid up, however, it’s a bad thing.

I truly believe that if they can teach this guy to listen to instruction and then FOLLOW said instruction, they will go far.  Of course, that might seem somewhat out of place since they are progressed farther than my guild, but them’s the facts as I see ’em.

My Thoughts on Twin Val’kyr & Anub’arak

Twin Val’kyr

Twin Val’kyr was a piece of cake to tank and it didn’t seem overly difficult to dps.  You will start the fight with your raid leader telling you to either get the Light Essence or Dark Essence, from there we can use the flow chart philosophy and break it down like this.

  1. Is one of the Twins casting Light Surge or Dark Surge?  If yes, get the opposite buff.  If no, go to #2.
  2. Do I have the buff I had originally?  If no, get it.  If yes, go to #3.
  3. Is one of the Twins casting Shield of Lights or Shield of Darkness?  If yes, attack that twin.  If no, go to #4.
  4. Are Orbs floating around?  If yes, try to get the color orb of your buff & avoid the opposite color (does not apply to tanks).  If no, go to #5.
  5. DPS the boss of the opposite color as your buff.

Tanking Tips

  1. We found it easiest to tank them right next to each other, so some splash damage would hit the other target.
  2. Tank them right next to the “clicky essence thing” that is the color your melee start out as.  This will reduce the amount of movement your melee has to make.


Honestly, I found Anub’arak pretty easy to tank.  Granted, I wasn’t there for the finish, but what I saw was not difficult.  One thing that doesn’t really mesh well with my flow charts is that a ranged dps (we used a hunter) will need to shoot down ice orbs to create permafrost on the ground.

DPS/Main Tank Version

  1. Is Anub’arak out?  If yes, dps/tank him while not standing on ice.  If no, go to step 2.
  2. Stay on ice and kill adds, starting with the elites.

Healing Version (Same as DPS except)

  1. Is it phase 3?  If yes, don’t keep everyone topped off because that will cause more damage and more healing.  (Does not apply to tanks)

Off Tank Version

  1. Is Anub’arak out?  If yes, be ready to pick up adds and tank them ON the ice.  If no, go to step 2.
  2. Stay on Ice and keep aggro on as many adds as possible.

OT Tanking Tips (I Off Tanked, so I can’t really give MT tips)

  1. Adds come from any of the 4 corners that have a dusty swirly graphic.
  2. 1 add comes at first.  A second will spawn after the first one tries to submerge.  We never got more than 2 before Anub’arak submerged.

There you have it.  My thoughts on the final 2 bosses of 10-man ToC.  In my opinion, they weren’t all that difficult.  Hopefully we’ll be able to take our raid team in there this weekend and own the place.  We have been having attendance issues of late, so raiding has been back-burnered.


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